Finding the Perfect Balance with Flexible Part-Time Child Care

The right part-time child care option provides your family with much-needed adaptability, whether it’s to accommodate work schedules, personal needs or even more temporary reasons such as heading on a business trip or enjoying date night.

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Why Choose a Part-Time Child Care Option?

Every family is different. Maybe you work part-time or on an irregular schedule. Maybe you have part-time help you need to supplement — for example, from a family member or another caregiver. Part-time child care gives you the freedom and flexibility to find a provider that meets your needs.

Part-time daycare can be a cost-effective child care option with numerous benefits, not to mention care choices that fit a variety of schedules. Wonderschool is here to help you find the part-time child care solution you need for you and your child to thrive.

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Crafting Child Care That Fits

A part-time daycare schedule looks different for all families. Your child can attend part-time programs for a few days per week, or just on occasion, only as needed.

You can opt for a Monday to Friday part-time schedule in which your little one attends every day but only for a few hours. Alternatively, you can choose full days of care on some weekdays. There’s also the option to combine these two approaches. Look for flexible care in an environment where your child can grow.


The Benefits of Choosing a Flexible Child Care Option

Both you and your child have a lot to gain from part-time daycare. These are a few of the advantages of enrolling in a flexible child care program.


If your work schedule doesn’t fit traditional business hours, part-time child care may be ideal — you can tailor your child’s care schedule however you need. It can be economically friendly as well, since you’ll often pay for only the days you need. High-quality part-time daycare is practical and convenient, and it helps you when you need it the most.

Developmental Advantages

The purpose of part-time daycare isn’t just to provide flexible child supervision. Part-time providers support your child’s holistic growth and development, setting them up for future success. Reading activities and interactions with care providers help your child’s communication and language development blossom. Hands-on lessons also support the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Connecting With Other Families

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and there’s certainly some truth to that — and a major benefit of flexible child care services. Part-time care can introduce you to a community of other families, so you’ll always know you’re never alone. As your child makes new friends, you’ll get the opportunity to meet other parents whose children are in the same stage of development. Wonderschool can help connect you to the right community so that you can find yours.

Personal Time for Parents

Part-time care programs can also give you the freedom to enjoy time for yourself. Let’s say there’s a non-kid-friendly social activity you want to attend, you need time for yourself or you need a few hours for errands. Whatever your needs are, part-time care lets you handle it all while knowing your child is in good hands. Part-time care programs sustain your busy family, allowing you to revitalize and have a moment of self-care.

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Choosing the Right Part-Time Child Care Solution

When searching for care, ask yourself:

  • Does the curriculum offer appropriate activities for children of all ages, or does the daily schedule feel too packed for the age of your child? How will attending part-time impact the experiences and learning your child will have?
  • Is the provider’s schedule an appropriate fit for you and your family’s commitments? Are they able to meet the flexibility you need?
  • What is the cost of part-time care and what is included (meals, snacks, etc.)?
  • If needed, does the care option you’re considering provide accessible care for children with disabilities?

Beyond asking and answering questions, take the below steps.

Check licensure and conduct site visits.
Look over the fees.
Review care provider policies.
Consider potential subsidies.

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With Wonderschool’s child care finder, families can see the available infant care options in their community, making the search for local child care easier and more convenient.

Find the right option for you and your family today, and explore meticulously crafted resources to nurture, inspire, and elevate every facet of your child’s early developmental experiences with Wonderschool; where parents go to find trusted, quality child care.

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