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How To Start A Forest School: 8 Week Wonderschool Cohort

Wonderschool's forest schools are some of our most sought-after and successful programs.

We've had the privilege of helping naturalists with experience working with children realize their dreams of prosperously opening a nature-based school.

Gaining in popularity, outdoor learning has significant positive effects on children. Forest school teachers guide children as they interact with nature and one other.

Parents recognize the dangers of nature-deficiency and love knowing their child is in a program that counters these issues and adds to their health and happiness

But no matter how adventurous your spirit is, the idea of starting a Forest School can be daunting! 

With our virtual 8-week Spring Cohort (March 30-May 18), you'll learn everything you need to know about starting a forest school or outdoor day camp by Summer 2022. 

Perks of Starting a Forest School with Wonderschool:

    • Connect your love of nature, education, and entrepreneurship.
    • Starting a forest school requires less licensing and regulations, but we will still help you create a solid health and safety plan.
    • Successful forest school directors on our platform will guest teach.
    • Our marketplace and shared tuition partnership will help you find enrollments.
    • Our automatic billing will make payments fast and simple.
    • Our app will help you quickly communicate with parents through your smartphone (no office needed.)
    • There are no upfront costs to join the 8-week program!  

As searches for nearby summer camps in 2022 skyrockets, we want to help you meet the demand and earn more money working with kids. 

Let's turn your vision of starting a no-walls program from a seed to a forest!

The virtual cohort starts March 30th-May 18th. Register today with: [email protected].

Whether you are looking to start a long-term or seasonal Forest school we are here to help.

The link below will take you to our team that helps edupreneurs interested in growing their quality forest school, childcare, or micro-school at any time.