Our mission is to Create the ecosystem that empowers early educators to build sustainable businesses and enables families to easily find high quality childcare.

Founder and CEO Chris with his child care provider, Yoli

Child Care Reimagined

Our Unifying Approach

Wonderschool envisions a future where every child has access to quality early care and education 5 minutes from home, no matter where they live. We do this by empowering early educators to build sustainable businesses that meet the unique needs of families across the nation.

The demand for child care is universal – crossing state geographies and party lines as we unite behind the shared vision of setting every child up for success during their earliest years. At Wonderschool, we recognize each state has its own unique approach to creating a quality supply of child care options that fit the needs of their communities and supports opportunity for their state’s economic growth and mobility.

We remain committed to partnering with civic leaders and networks at the local, state, and federal levels by developing child care technology and multi-point solutions that work for every region. This creates conditions for families and employers to thrive. Our team brings diverse perspectives and insight that enable us to serve the widely unique needs of communities across the country.


Founder story

Chris Bennett
Co-Founder & CEO, Wonderschool

Chris saw too many parents who were anxious about finding child care, as well as educators who couldn’t afford care for their own children while they were at work. He knew that there had to be a better way to address this issue for families and teachers alike.

Wonderschool was founded to enable all families to access high-quality early childhood care. Today, the platform empowers new and experienced providers to run their own in-home businesses while providing a much-needed service to families in their communities.

Investors & Advisors

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