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How To Get Your Child Care License In Texas In 2022

First of all, congratulations on taking this exciting step in your licensing journey! Trust us, we know how confusing state websites can be. Hopefully this guide will demystify some of the requirements.

  1. Keep this guide close and check things off as you go ✅ 
  2. Make use of our library of resources for additional support

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Minimum Requirements 

  • Listed Child Care - mostly applies for apartments/condos due to size capacity and lack of outdoor space (no backyard, no patio), up to three children
      • May need property management/rental approval
      • At a minimum, all people living in the home over 14 years of age passes the background check
  • Registered Child Care - goes through a licensing process, and requires an inspection and the following minimum requirements: up to six children
      • HS Diploma/GED, 30 hours of training, valid CPR certification, valid first aid certificate
      • Space: 30 square per child in home, 80 square feet per child for outdoor area, fenced in backyard
      • Standard safety items: fire extinguisher, fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, first aid kit, etc and what else is included in the module training
  • Licensed Child Care - goes through a licensing process, and is considered a larger license that can care for up to 12 children
    • Bachelor’s degree, 3-units credit hours in business course, 12-units credit hours in child care/child development
    • 1 year of experience in a child care setting, center etc. working or volunteering


Step 1: Attend in-person Pre-Application Class OR Online Training 

Step 2: Submit your licensing application online 

  • Create your online account with Child Care Licensing here 
    • If you prefer to submit a paper application, you can find the forms here
    • You must create an online account in order to fill out an application, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the form. Check your email for the account verification which will contain your application link.
  • Log in to your online account here and complete your application

Step 3: Complete your pediatric first-aid and CPR course

If you haven’t already, complete your pediatric first-aid and CPR course. 

  • Licensing requires that you take a course that “adheres to the guidelines...established by the American Heart Association.” You are allowed to take a blended learning course that combines online and in-person training if you prefer that over a course that is completely in-person.  
  • You can find here the American Health Association’s pediatric first-aid and CPR courses - scroll down and click on “Sign up for a course” to find one in your area. 

Note: For more information regarding annual training requirements, click here

Step 4: Submit fee payments for your license 

  • After submitting your licensing application online, you will be provided a confirmation number and instructions for submitting your fee payment (which is $35). Do not submit your fee payment until Licensing contacts you with your operation number.
    • Within a few business days after you submit your application online, you should receive a call from Child Care Licensing, where they will provide you with your operation number, and help answer any outstanding questions that you may have.
    • Your operation number will later become your permit number if you are granted a permit. 

Step 5: Background Check

  • You are required to provide your Social Security number for a background check if you are: 
    • 14 years or older and live/work in the home
    • The owner or operator
  • Schedule fingerprints easily with IdentoGo
  • FBI Fingerprinting Fees
    • The total fingerprinting fee is $39.75 to apply for a paid position.
    • The total fee is $37.75 to apply for an unpaid position – such as a volunteer, household member, or foster/adoptive parent.

Note: The fee is paid at the fingerprint appointment, and must be paid with a business check, money order, credit card or payment coupon code issued by the fingerprint vendor - no personal checks.

Step 6: Success!

Pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, and get some rest-- the real work is just beginning!

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