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Welcome To Childhoods By Wonderschool

In this show guests go inward and talk about their early relationships, circumstances, and epiphanies that influenced them and their current perspectives on childhood.

Before kindergarten, 90% of our brain develops. We know that during those 0-5 years, key players and events can leave an indelible imprint on us. Those imprints often shape our future interests, careers, and relationships.

There is an adage that "hindsight is 20/20." In hindsight, how did the childhood of today's leaders in early childhood education, technology, art, and business affect them and encourage them to be lifelong learners?

Questions covered in Childhoods by Wonderschool include:

  • How does childhood form our identities?
  • What does childhood education and child care look like for different people?
  • How does accessing our inner child spark innovation?
  • What are the diverse viewpoints on the current state of childhood?
  • How can we help all children have better childhoods and ideally, as a result, better futures?

Our goal for you, dear listener, is that you end each show feeling connected, grounded, and hopeful due to our focus on blending storytelling and reflection on one of the most dynamic human stages that all adults have had: childhood.

About Wonderschool

Wonderschool's mission is to help all children reach their full potential by providing affordable, accessible child care.

Children are at the center of everything we do.

From the beginning, co-founder and CEO Chris Bennett met with teachers, caregivers, and parents to listen to their needs.

Today, Wonderschool hosts thousands of child care programs all across the nation and has helped countless families connect to quality programs.

Our child care finder marketplace and technology connect families to quality programs.

Whether you're a provider, a parent, a Wonderschool team member, or a partnering organization, we have a shared goal of creating the best environments and experiences for children, families, and early childhood educators.

Our child care app helps child care directors operate sustainable and successful programs. All these pieces lead us to our goal of building the country's largest network of quality, high-functioning child care programs.

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