Start your business to help Children learn and grow

Earn a sustainable income while helping young children thrive. Wonderschool Academy offers individualized learning programs from 3 to 8 weeks long, based on your needs and preferences. This is designed to help parents, teachers, or anyone who loves working with children to turn their homes into family child care programs with the curriculum of your choice.

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Start a career with purpose

Family child care helps solve national shortage of quality child care. Be your own boss and make an impact on early childhood education.

Get licensed faster

Wonderschool assists you with licensing processes to ensure you meet each state’s specific set of requirements and get licensed on time.

Increase your income

Our Child Care Finder assists you in finding new enrollments by making your program more discoverable to families in your area.

Start with no upfront fees

There is no cost to enroll in Wonderschool Academy until you receive your first enrollment.


Care for children’s early learning

Wonderschool Academy is designed for anyone with a passion for early childhood education.

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Teachers and educators
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Why We love Wonderschool

“Before joining Wonderschool, I spent 3 years trying to start a child care program and learn the business side. Within 4 weeks of joining Wonderschool, I completed my licensing application and got what I needed to officially start and grow my business.”
Yukari Ishikawa
Metta Tree Montessori
“Knowing that I can rely on Wonderschool’s technical and business expertise gives me the ease and freedom to focus on my students.”
Little Nest Learning Space
“Ellos siempre están dispuestos para ayudarnos. Yo me siento bien con el trabajo de ellos, siempre están asesorándome en todo y nos ayudan como organizar mejor el day care y lo que debo tener para la educación de los niños.”
GeRandy's Family Daycare & Wonderschool
“Wonderschool not only gives you the tools to start your business, but their team is also available to make sure you succeed. You can tell they care about you.”
Little Aprendiz

Open your first child care with Wonderschool

In just 2 months, you will be able to start your child care out of your home. Through our structured training program, Wonderschool offers a full range of support to help you towards full enrollment.


Acquire your child care license

Our team guides you through complex licensing processes to ensure you meet state-specific requirements.


Write a business plan

Build a financial model to sustain livable income based on anticipated tuition income and operational expenses.


Design your program

Set up your child care space and learn how to create high-quality early childhood education programs.


Build a professional website

Create a beautiful website so that families can easily find the program that meets their needs.


Grow enrollments

Market your program on social media and learn how to keep your program consistently full.


Manage your finances

Collect tuition, track expenses, and manage your budget with our easy-to-use Child Care Management System.


Lean into online peer community

Connect with other providers, engage with experts, and access 24/7 support.


Estimate your earnings

Use our calculator to estimate your program revenue and costs.

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