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Wonderschool partners with state and local governments to solve child care scarcity and to balance business and parenting needs. We increase capacity by creating new high-quality child care programs in areas where they’re needed the most.

Our technology tools, business planning support, 1:1 coaching, and child care marketplace ensure providers can run sustainable child care businesses.

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Create new supply of family child care programs

Wonderschool works with states and networks to create home-based child care programs in strategic areas most convenient for working parents from child care deserts to urban cities.

Increase provider profitability

Our technology tools such as Child Care Finder and Child Care Management Software help drive full enrollment, speed up tuition collection, and reduce expenses.

Promote employment

Families, friends, and neighbors are excellent candidates for licensed child care providers. Wonderschool recruits, trains, and helps them get started with their first home-based programs.

Improve quality of child care

We continuously help enhance the quality of early childhood education by providing teachers business coaching and curriculum development support.

Use data to allocate funds efficiently

Our proprietary data such as child care search, enrollment, and waitlist data helps states make informed decisions and allocate their funds efficiently.

Subsidize providers

Our technology tools and dedicated support are eligible for the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) and American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act Child Care Stabilization Funds.


A track record of growing new programs

Wonderschool offers states and networks white-glove support to meet their target child care capacities. Our new supply program is fully customizable to meet individual states’ strategic priorities.

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From solving child care challenges for low income families to local businesses, the Wonderschool team builds a pipeline of new programs tailored to individual states’ needs.

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Our dedicated team taps into local communities to recruit qualified individuals passionate about helping children learn and grow. Prior child care licensing is not a requirement.

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We offer a 12-week training program to help child care providers open their first program with all the tools they need to start a successful program. Our training covers best practices in business, safety, curriculum, licensing, and 1:1 support where needed. Read more on our new program.

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We offer a turnkey solution to create marketing websites and provide interdisciplinary marketing support (social media, content, and event marketing)

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We ensure full tuition collection and subsidy reimbursement through automated billing and record management through Wonderschool’s CCMS.


Discuss strategic priorities


Recruit Providers


Graduate cohorts of providers


Grow enrollments


Get them paid

Access all child care data in one place

Wonderschool for Government connects child care data such as Child Care Finder search history, enrollment vacancy, waitlisting, and tuition data to help states and networks decide strategically how to best allocate budgets or where to open new child care programs.

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Case study: Nevada Partnership


To give families access to quality child care in partnership with Nevada Strong Start Child Care Services Center.


Recruit provider candidates through career fairs and performance marketing.

Offer a one-stop hub for family child care providers to get help navigate licensing, connect to parents, and collaborate with industry peers.

Expected outcome

Increase Nevada’s child care capacity

More details

See press release (February 2022)


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