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Types of Preschools in New Mexico

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13th October 2021

Preschools range in type depending on the location, and New Mexico doesn’t stop at a single option! There are varying types of preschools that parents can enroll their children into, each of which offering different teaching principles. After all, New Mexico preschools are rated 19th in preschool access in the United States!

Preschools in New Mexico will vary depending on the needs of the child. However, it is primarily up to the parent’s preference when choosing the style of education they favor. New Mexico is unique in its ability to create an early learning environment that suits the needs of children, while also developing their fundamental skills like independence, responsibility, and respect.

Cottonwood Montessori Education
The Cottonwood school located in New Mexico offers parents an example of the Montessori practice in early education. Montessori is an educational method that focuses on the way of looking at and understanding each child. This method believes that the purpose of education is to aid in life. Therefore, education should work with the nature of the child rather than against it.

This method of teaching seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than go about a standardized, formal teaching method. The preschools using Montessori encourage students to explore and discover, collaborate with classmates, and take ownership of their education, giving children the ability to develop their responsibility and independence in a rich learning environment.

New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange
The New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange (NMREX) is a group of educators and families that are inspired by the Reggio Emilia principles for early education. This form of education promotes the respect of all children, families, teachers, and community members—and their varying approaches to learning.

This preschool education allows the younger generation the initiative to create a constructivist, self-guided learning experience. Reggio Emilia is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration, discovery, and play. This form of educational childcare gives the younger generation a sense of personal involvement in their learning; after all, good teaching doesn’t just happen to children, but involves them.

Santa Fe Waldorf
The Sante Fe Waldorf school in New Mexico is a school focused on all children through all grade levels. However, it provides a prime example of using the Waldorf method during early education. This method focuses on forming an understanding of human development that will address the needs of a growing child.

The Waldorf approach was intended to recognize that all children have distinct, age-related educational, emotional, and physical needs that relate to their natural development. This method often mirrors the child’s inner development to create a learning environment that balances academic, artistic, and practicable abilities.

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