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Omaha Child Care Corner: 5 Artsy Activities to Reduce Stress in Kids

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18th January 2022

Kids can experience stress in multiple areas of their lives. They can become stressed from interacting with other children at daycare or from not having basic needs met. They could get stressed from being unable to communicate or from simply not understanding the world around them. Most adults can recognize when they themselves are stressed and have strategies to cope with stress. However, this is a skill that children need to develop. One good kid-friendly way to do this is by using art as a therapeutic stress reliever.

Recognizing Stress

Before implementing stress-relieving artsy activities, you will need to learn to recognize stress in your child. Signs of stress can appear as a physical, emotional, or behavioral reaction. Physically, they might have a stomachache, cry, or have sleeping problems. Emotional responses include worrying, being shy, or having trouble focusing. Behavioral reactions could be overreacting, yelling, lying, or challenging authority. Seeing any combination of these reactions could indicate stress.


Once you recognize that your child is stressed, try to tackle the issue as soon as possible. You want to get their mood back to a normal state. Below are some artsy activities your child can do to relieve their stress.

1. Dancing to Music

Put on your child’s favorite songs and let them dance in the living room. This is a great way to show an artistic and creative side by making up dance moves. It is also an active method that will help release endorphins and lower stress levels.

2. Playing with Play-Doh

One of the simplest ways for a child to reduce stress is to play with Play-Doh. It allows them to squeeze out some stress while building something creative. Play-Doh is generally not messy, is extremely moldable, and comes in multiple colors which allows your child to take their creativity to the next level.

3. Mindful Breathing

Did you know that even your child can benefit from breathwork? Breathing connects to our stress levels. When children are stressed, they often react without control because they have lost a steady and calm breath. Your child will likely benefit whether they are in a stressful situation or you want to practice mindful breathing with them every morning. Here are some more tips on how to encourage quality breathwork for your little one’s tiny lungs.

4. Painting

If you are looking for a more involved method to relieve stress, help your child paint a picture. While this method is messier, there is a wide variety of mediums of paint, paintbrushes, and colors available which give your child even more room to be creative and to relax.

5. Going to a Museum

Many cities offer art museums designed for kids that are interactive. They allow a child to play and be creative throughout the experience. Some kids’ science museums fall in this category as well. Research some children’s museums in your areas. Take a few hours to get your child out of the house and expose them to unique artsy activities that they may not be able to do at home.

Omaha Child Care

Art activities foster development, improve problem-solving skills, and impact social and academic outcomes for children. So, while your child is relieving stress via therapeutic art activities, they will also be benefiting in these other important ways and more. With Wonderschool, you can be sure that your child’s mental health and overall development will be at the forefront of our caregiving services. We strive to provide quality child care to every child and recognize that good child care and early education helps a child reach their potential. We offer a variety of Omaha child care centers, all certified with exceptional health and safety standards, providing the right environment to develop a healthy child.


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