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Motivating Your Child to Learn: 6 Tips From Newport News Caregivers

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20th November 2021

Not everyone is fond of going to school, and every child has moments before school where they beg a parent to stay home. This is partially due to the stigma that comes with learning and school: “School is boring,” “School is hard,” or, “I’d rather be playing than learning.” This can make it difficult to encourage a child to learn.

When encouraging children to learn, instead of pushing them through a worksheet environment, try incorporating learning into everyday life. This will create an atmosphere where learning is encouraged and enjoyable.

Develop an Atmosphere of Reading

Many people will argue that reading is the key to success. Reading is crucial to a child’s education, and a child who enjoys reading will enjoy learning.

Create routines of reading where you read to your child often, have your child read aloud, or even create family reading days. Make reading fun and enjoyable, and fill their environment with reading. Reading will encourage motivation for learning while teaching them richer vocabulary and helping them process concepts and communication.

Give Children Input

Children, while learning, often feel like their education is controlled and as if they have no say in their learning. This will discourage them from wanting to learn, so allowing them to have a chance to input on their learning experience will give them control of their education, encouraging them to learn. Parents need to guide children through learning, not control them.

Encourage Interest Learning

Most times, learning is associated with topics that don’t interest children. If the topic isn’t interesting, they’ll find learning to be a boring experience. Exercising interest learning will transform learning into an enjoyable and fascinating experience. For example, if your child likes dinosaurs, encourage them to learn more about dinosaurs. This will support the notion that learning can be a pleasant experience and not just forced knowledge.

Shared Enthusiasm

Children are known to mimic the behavior of those around them, which is how they learn! For example, enthusiasm for something will rub off on the child and they will feel excited. If a parent expresses their excitement to learn, the child will likely feel inspired to learn as well. Take the time to learn with your child; your joy will rub off and make learning a fun experience.

Learning Games

Game-based learning is an adventurous way to learn! It allows children to develop their skills while also enjoying an activity that secretly teaches. Instead of conventional classroom learning, game-based learning can give motivation for a child to learn because it involves doing something they enjoy.

Motive Your Child with In-Home Childcare

Children who are enrolled in childcare get the opportunity to experience a lifeline for learning. Caregiving services create an environment and atmosphere where children are encouraged to learn throughout their daily life. For parents looking to motivate their children, consider enrolling them in childcare.

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