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What is the Child & Dependent Care Credit?

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21st December 2020

Finances play a factor in most of our decisions, especially when it comes to making choices about child care and early childhood education. One factor to keep in mind when ...

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6 Common Preschool Models

If you’ve begun the process of researching preschools, then you’ve likely noticed a wide variety of options that exist. The sheer number of preschool models can seem overwhelming. Ultimately, the ...

How to Choose a Preschool

While some may overlook its importance, preschool lays the groundwork for your child’s education. The most important way this is done is by helping children develop social and emotional skills ...

I Started a Pandemic Pod

I Started a Pandemic Pod One teacher’s journey with a group of distance-learning 1st graders – with some parent perspective thrown in, too Charleston Walter, Charly for short, has been ...