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Louisiana Families: Everything You Need to Know About Drop-In Daycare

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26th February 2022

Drop-in daycare has become increasingly popular among busy families and single parents. Adults can take more time to themselves without worrying about a flaky babysitter or paying for full-time daycare. If you’re looking for flexible child care in Louisiana consider drop-in daycare. Drop-in care centers offer convenience and fun for everyone involved. Care is provided for the children while the parents participate in activities on-premise. This care can range from talent shows to sock hops. The children are having fun as well! Alternatively, parents can find something fun to do nearby. Before you give up on having a night out, learn more about drop-in daycare as an option for your Friday night.

Drop-In Daycare 101

Drop-in daycare is typically an option with most daycares. The hours extend into the evening, giving adults time to go out for dinner, catch a movie, or attend a local event. Most drop-in policies require the parents to stay within a certain proximity to the center in case there is an emergency. Drop-in daycare carries several benefits over a traditional babysitting service.

There are other children to play with, structured activities with licensed providers, and a break from the usual routine. Many drop-in services have plans built in to keep children entertained, safe, and never too far from parents. Activities like movie nights, talent shows or dances, and crafts, to name a few. In a way, it's like the kids get a night out as well! It can be exciting for all involved, giving everyone a chance to have a great time.

The Cost

Did you know most drop-in care centers and services equal the average payment for a babysitter caring for more than one child? The rate can pitch slightly higher with single child families, but families with multiple children have seen cheaper benefits in the long run. This includes meals and snacks factored into the facility’s activities.

While the average hourly rate is $7-$12 an hour, different facilities have different costs, so always check with the drop-in service you are interested in. While the rate can exceed typical daycare center costs, it is important to consider just what you are paying for. The childcare services plus the convenience of dropping your child off as needed versus committing to an ongoing schedule makes it a worthy option.


Parents will find the most benefit and success from a drop-in daycare when they plan in advance. Drop-ins can take last-minute reservations, but that can also be a heavy gamble. There may not be room in a last-minute situation! Stay mindful of your schedule and build in parent-time mindfully. That way, it is not a surprise to your child or the drop-in daycare staff. It sets everyone up for success, so everyone can have fun without the hassle of last-minute planning.

Many drop-in daycares—as well as daycares in general—have apps parents can follow and utilize. Whether you are using one of these apps or need to make a call to the facility, just plan your evening out in advance. As a bonus, you all get to look forward to the stories you’ll exchange at the end of the evening.

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