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How Does Daycare With Transportation Work in New Mexico

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22nd February 2022

Sometimes parents do not have the option of dropping their children off for daycare. In those situations, it is important to make sure you are asking prospective daycares if they offer transportation services. The following is a breakdown of daycare transportation requirements per New Mexico’s Children, Youth, and Families Department Act. If you are researching daycares for transportation options, you’ll want them to fall in line with these requirements.

Pick Up

When a center provides transportation for children, they are responsible for that child from pick up to delivery. The transportation vehicle should have an operable fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and manual, water, and a blanket on board. Daycares also must ensure the vehicle meets all applicable state vehicle laws before they are approved. Once the child is seated, they must be buckled in before the transportation moves on. This includes children under one-year-old, who need to be secured in a rear-facing child’s seat. If not, the child may ride in the front seat of the vehicle if the passenger-side airbag is deactivated. If there are five or more children under five years old, a second adult is typically present.

Drop Off

The vehicle is required to drop the children off curbside, or in a protected parking area or driveway. All of this needs to happen with a provider present to make sure everyone disembarks safely. If the children must cross the street, a provider will ensure they do not cross unsupervised. All safety precautions are observed once more for daycare trip pick-ups and drop-offs. These precautions are also observed for pickups to take your children back home if the parent cannot pick them up.

Vehicle & Driver Requirements

Drivers undergo background checks and are prohibited from smoking on the bus. The daycare center should also have made sure all heating and cooling elements are working for colder or hotter months. Any vehicle used for transporting children must be enclosed securely and properly maintained and cleaned. This is always checked in state-required vehicle inspections. The vehicles must have current registration and insurance coverage. All drivers must have a current driver’s license and comply with the motor vehicle and traffic laws. Any drivers who have been convicted in the last seven years of a misdemeanor, felony, and DWI/DUI cannot transport children. New Mexico additionally requires that at least one adult transporting children is currently certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The Daycare Center’s Role

All of these fall under the responsibilities of the daycare you may be interested in. They will have all the records and details of your vehicle and your driver. Not all daycares offer transportation, so make sure you check with a program director before assuming a vehicle is available. While some daycares offer to pick up, not all of them offer to drop off. You will want to ask what their parental pick-up and drop-off requirements are before signing up for transportation services. Some daycares will require an additional fee for pick up or roll pick up/drop off costs into monthly payment plans. Every center is different, but that does not mean the perfect fit for you is not out there. Let this breakdown be a road map for setting you and your child up for transportation success.

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