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What To Know About Employer Child Care Benefits

In 2021, more than 50% of all U.S. households reported having multiple parents who are employed.  This is just one reason why child care services are increasingly in demand today.

For corporations, offering quality child care human resources can be a huge benefit to their employees. Working parents want to know that their children can be cared for while they work. The more their company does to help them in that regard, the better. And for companies, these childcare resources can help retain employees and boost worker morale.

Here is a guide to some of the ways that child care human resources can benefit corporations.

HR Benefits of Child Care

Full-time child care is costly, and many parents struggle to afford it in many states. The average cost of childcare nationwide in 2022 is just over $11,000 annually, but the cost varies across states.

Regardless of location, however, the reality is that paying for childcare is a challenge for many parents nationwide. If childcare benefits are a built-in part of a working parents’ employment, this burden can be greatly reduced. Child care subsidies can be a simple yet highly effective benefit for many employees.

Not only is some of the financial burden lifted, but these benefits can also improve worker productivity.

For in-house workers, the flexibility afforded by childcare services can reduce stress, which in turn increases focus. But even for remote workers, childcare services can reduce at-home distractions while working.

One of the primary HR benefits for corporations when it comes to childcare is improved work/life balance for employees. In the current job market, this can be a tremendous boost for companies looking to fill vacant positions. A parent looking for work is more likely to choose a company that offers childcare benefits over one that doesn’t.

In the long run, employee satisfaction leads to increased productivity and loyalty.

HR Programs: Consider Your Options

There are many potential HR programs to address employee child care needs at the corporate level. When deciding which is best for your company, it’s important to also consider what works for your employees.

Several common options include in-house childcare, childcare subsidies, and flexible scheduling. In-house childcare is the most expensive of these programs, which means it is not an option for every company.

But for those who can afford it, it is hard to beat the convenience of an in-house childcare program.

Employees can have peace of mind knowing that their children are close by and in good hands while they work. In-house childcare is great when it comes to managing an employees’ work/life balance and overall worker morale.

Childcare subsidies are another direct and effective way that corporations can offer support to working parents. With this program, companies can make direct payments to cover a portion of the cost of their employees’ childcare.

Alternatively, companies may partner with Wonderschool to help parents find child care near to where they work or live. 

We provide a less expensive way to provide direct, tangible relief to employees in need of childcare.

With Wonderschool, employees can choose from a number of homebased and child care centers nationwide and employers can select a suite of services that are right for them.