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Child Friendly Nature Trips In Nevada

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6th February 2022

It is time to shake up activity hours with the kids! Luckily, there are multiple kid-friendly places and attractions in Nevada to keep parents and children entertained. Immersive parks, wildlife waiting to be explored, and ways to get dirty await you and your family. Playing at daycare and enjoying indoor activities is one thing, but getting to know what your own backyard has to offer? What a way to show your children just how big and amazing the world – and their home state! – can be. Here are five nature spots with fun things to do in Nevada with kids, without breaking the bank!

Down on the Farm

Start at The Farm for local market fare and fun. The seasonal farmer’s market has tons of treats for the whole family to enjoy and snack on as you explore. With a small donation, you can head to the back of the farm to get to know some furry friends. The donation gets you hay or pellets to feed the farm animals. You can also check out Horses4Heroes. There are equestrian programs and activities for young ones, and proceeds support US vets.

Habitats and Sanctuaries

Nevada is home to several nature preserves, habitats, sanctuaries, and gardens. A family favorite is the Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. It is the perfect escape for the animal lovers in your pack. Built to safely house dolphins, big cats, and other wildlife, this is a great trip for children learning about animals. The Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary has a chorus of birds on display, as well as a built-in petting zoo. The sanctuary’s main goal is educating children on the importance of anticipating animal and pet needs before considering adoption.

Get Lost and Get Dirty

The Lost Creek Discovery Trail is an excellent way to kill a couple hours in the Nevada wilderness. Rock flats, shaded trails, and serene lakes give children a first-hand look at different habitats. All of this sits at the feet of towering boulders and blue skies. Or, if you and your children are feeling rambunctious, head over to Dig It! This gigantic sandbox puts construction excavators at your reach, all under the safe guidance of certified instructors. If your little ones love trucks, construction, or playing in the sand, this takes the playground experience to another level.

Park It

The list of parks for children to explore is endless. Symphony Park’s colorful courtyard is perfect for a picnic and outdoor games. The park also hosts several seasonal events throughout the year and comes to dazzling life at night. Bob Baskin Park has a bright playground with sensory activities and waterspouts to cool off during the hotter months. Cougar Creek has a similar sprawl, with wide open recreation space and hands-on play. There is a sign language chart if your child is practicing ASL or wants to learn something new.

Start Your Engines!

The Las Vegas Mini-Grand Prix gives children a taste of the fast lane. Go-karts will have you whipping around every turn before you know it! Outdoor carousels and giant slides are also available if your children are not ready to strap into the driver’s seat yet. If they need a break from the outdoor race track, head inside for arcades, games, and snacks. The Mini-Grand Prix loves hosting events for families, as well as signings with local and national athletes and celebrities.

Wonderschool knows how important it is for children to get out and get active. Let this list save you the trouble of searching “fun places for kids near me” with these local gems. Do not forget to take plenty of pictures or stop into a shop for a souvenir to bring to daycare! Caregivers and fellow children love hearing about their latest adventures.