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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Childcare Program in Newport News

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25th October 2021

Trying to find childcare can be difficult, and what’s even more difficult is finding a reliable and trustworthy school. As a parent, placing your child in an unknown school can be heart-wrenching. To the parents who are looking for affordable childcare in Newport News, the best way to discover the ideal childcare program is by getting to know the school.

10 Must Ask Questions

Each question offers parents insight into the childcare program, giving them the means to trust or reject the program based on their responses. While there are hundreds of questions that parents can ask, here are 10 questions we recommend parents ask and the reason why they are important to know.

  1. What is your philosophy on childcare?
    Understanding this helps parents connect to the program’s values, principles, priorities, and beliefs regarding a child’s development, education, and care.
  2. What is the caregiver-to-child ratio?
    Knowing this helps parents decipher if there are enough supervisors compared to children and decipher if their child will be able to receive the desired attention.
  3. What is your discipline policy?
    Learning this helps parents decide if their discipline policy aligns with their personal opinions, which is crucial because every parent has their preferred discipline method.
  4. What activities will my child participate in?
    Discovering this Helps parents get an idea of how much time a child spends outside, the program’s nap policy, and if parents will receive an activity sheet.
  5. Are your drop-off and pick-up hours flexible?
    Being aware of this Helps parents learn if they charge extra for late arrival, which is useful when looking for affordable childcare.
  6. When do children eat and what do they eat?
    Verifying this helps parents understand if the program accommodates special circumstances (such as food allergies, breastfed babies, those who need to eat more) and if children get a balanced diet.
  7. What is the staff turnover rate?
    Its important parents learn if staff is being changed often, which can tell a parent how likely it is their child will be able to build a solid relationship with their caregivers.
  8. What’s the sick child policy?
    Reviewing this helps parents know whether or not it’s okay to bring their sick child to school, and helps parents understand what procedures are in place in the event of a school-wide outbreak.
  9. What is the security situation?
    Affirming this helps parents know if their location is properly protected and if a disaster or emergency plans are set in motion, especially in Newport News near the ocean.
  10. Is this center licensed and following its State licensing rules?
    The most important question, helps parents know if the center can be trusted and meets state qualifications. There are often forms and a registry to verify that the childcare program is licensed and meets all safety and operating standards.

Wonderschool Understands The Need to Ask Questions

Asking questions is crucial for parents who are looking for childcare. Questions allow parents to learn more about a childcare program while simultaneously gaining trust (or caution) for that program. Wonderschool understands the need to know more. If you’re looking for Newport News childcare, Wonderschool all-in-one childcare software can help parents discover reliable sources of childcare by asking the questions beforehand. Visit Wonderschool and find the most reliable childcare program in Newport News, VA.


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