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Work from home ideas for people who love children

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19th October 2017

There are so many reasons to work from home. You may want to achieve better work/life balance, be more productive in a quieter environment, or reduce the stress and cost of long commutes.

I know for me, I decided to start a copywriting business because I wanted a job that gave me the freedom to spend time with any (potential) little ones. Something that had growth opportunity and gave me the chance to do what I loved every single day.

But many of the work from home job ideas out there can be isolating, especially for people who love being around and working with other people. If you’re someone with a background and passion for caregiving or education, you may be ready to transition to the work-from-home lifestyle but still want to work with children.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the work from home options for people who love kids. You CAN both pursue your passion and achieve the ideal lifestyle for you and your family:

1.     Start an in-home preschool or child care

If you love being around children, starting your own at-home family child care is a great option. And it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Running your own in-home child care has a lot of benefits. It gives you the autonomy to build a business you can be proud of. Small class sizes mean you can get to know each child and help them grow and develop at their own pace. You can also potentially earn more as the director of your own family child care than as an employee at a child care center.

Playing in Union City Wonderschool, an in-home preschool

If you’re passionate about childhood education, want to spend time with your own children while also earning a living, and want to earn double or even triple what you can make as a child care center or daycare employee, this is definitely an option you should think about.

Here are some stories from women who have started their own in-home preschools and now work from home:

Erica from Bernal Infant and Child Care

Kristina from Little Robles

Theresa from Little Nest Learning Space

Gloria from Banana Fana Preschool

To get started, you will need a family child care license. This process is different in each state.

2.     Work remotely for an EdTech company

Edtech is a growing and fascinating industry and there are a lot of options depending on your skill set.

If you’re technical and have an engineering background (or the dedication to learn to code) you can work in app development. If you have persuasive writing skills, you can develop scripts for AI chatbots, write web copy, or work on promotional materials.

Remote work gives you the chance to still spend time with your kids while working on projects that will help secure their future.

Not sure how to get your foot in the door? You’re better positioned than you think. Fire up that laptop and research some educational technology companies. Find the ones that speak to you, take a look at the work they’re doing and think about how you can help.

Buffer has developed a great pro-parent culture and this is becoming more common in tech startups with distributed teams. Look for a team you love and approach them directly through social media or email. Even if they’re not hiring right now, be proactive and express your interest.

3.     Become an online ESL teacher

You can work from home and teach English to children (or adults) from all over the world as an ESL teacher. You can teach either 1-on-1 classes or group classes, or even a mixture.

Many of these classes are based on improving students’ conversational English. You may be provided a loose curriculum or theme to discuss and your job is to make corrections and encourage responses. Depending on the school or program you work for, you may also be expected to grade homework or do other administrative tasks outside of class hours.

To get started teaching English online, you’ll need a TEFL or TESOL certification. After that, you can start looking for job openings. Anna from Real Ways to Earn Money Online has put together a list of programs that hire remote ESL teachers.

4.     Start a child photography business

If you love photography, you could start a newborn and child photography business. This work-from-home idea does require an investment upfront: you will need the equipment to take professional-grade photos.

A nice camera, lenses, lights, and photo editing software should get you started. You will probably also want a website to showcase your work and help new clients find you.

5.     Start a blog

If you love writing and are ready to put in the work, you can start a blog about children and parenting and work from home. Elna Cain left her job as a teacher to spend more time with her kids. To make it work, she started working as a freelance writer. Today, she writes for top online publications and runs Twins Mommy, a blog designed to help mothers break into the online space and build a business.

Want to get started as a mommy blogger? Here are the first three things you need to do:

  • Find your niche: Decide what you want to write about and what’s going to make your blog different from others in your niche.
  • Set up a website: You can set up a WordPress site or use a managed service like Squarespace or Wix.
  • Start writing: This is the easiest and hardest part at the same time. Set aside time to write consistently every week.

6.     Become a tutor

Do you live and breathe a specific subject? Are you ready to dust off your degree and pass some of that knowledge on?

If the answer is yes, you should consider tutoring! You can tutor in person or online. If you tutor in person, you will probably be meeting up with your students in their schools, libraries, or at their home.

To get started, you can sign up to be a tutor through the following companies:

You can go it alone and start your own tutoring business instead. Getting a certification from the National Tutoring Association can help establish your credibility.

7.     Use your crafting skills to create children’s products

Put your creativity to work and create your own children’s products to sell. For example, you could make…

  • Baby footprint bronzing
  • Organic baby food
  • Knitted clothing
  • Nursery art
  • Personalized wooden toys or blocks

If you want to sell online, you could look into Shopify, Cafepress, or Etsy.

8.     Become a children’s book author or illustrator

If you love writing and storytelling, consider writing or illustrating your own children’s book!

Start by creating your story and drafting it up. This stage might include researching other children’s books, deciding on a target age group for your book and what language would be acceptable for them, and choosing a “moral of the story”.

Once you’ve drafted your storybook, you can either self-publish or look for a literary agent to help you get published the traditional way.

Work with children while working from home

You don’t have to choose between work you love and the lifestyle you want. The two can overlap. It won’t always be easy but you have a lot of options.

Hungry for some more work from home ideas? We’ve got your back.

And if you want to start your own in-home preschool or child care, we’ve got all the resources you need. Apply online today to open a program with us.


Sophia is a freelance copywriter and content marketing strategist. She has spent time volunteering in a Global Classroom Initiative in Europe and has worked as a preschool teaching assistant in Slovakia.