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Category: Setting Up Your Program

Designing an Infant Daily Schedule for Daycare

Routine is important for children of all ages -- here's how to create a perfect infant daily schedule for your daycare.

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A New Child Care Future: Build Back Better Passes The House

The United States House of Representatives has passed the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Plan this morning. The bill includes $390 billion to assist families with child care needs and ...

Aspiring Success Stories: Kristina Gonzalez of Little Robles Preschool

In Chris Bennett’s Ted Talk, he previews the aspiring story of Little Robles Preschool directed by Kristina Gonzalez and her success in starting a quality childcare program with Wonderschool. Kristina ...

How to Open a Daycare Center

Have you ever wondered how to open a daycare center for yourself? Well, wonder no more!