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Preschool Education Programs Through the Years

Child Care Director Resources

23rd September 2020

Preschool is an essential stage in early childhood development. Many educators and philosophers have tried to find the perfect preschool education program. As a result, plenty of different early childhood ...

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8 Tips for Designing Your Preschool Curriculum

There’s a lot to balance when thinking about your approach to your preschool curriculum. Whether you’re buying a boxed curriculum, building totally from scratch, informed by a specific philosophy, or ...

Understanding Child Care Cost

The child care cost for early education programs is, unfortunately, somewhat unpredictable, and varies based on a lot of competing factors, most importantly, perhaps is location -- you’ll likely pay ...

What are the Responsibilities of a Child Care Director?

Child Care Director Resources

15th September 2020

Child care needs to be oriented toward ensuring each child develops the skills required for success both in and out of school, and the responsibilities of a child care director ...