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New York State family child care licensing: Eligibility

You must meet certain eligibility requirements to get licensed to open an in-home child care program in New York State. The provider, assistant(s), and substitute(s) teacher within the program must each meet the following qualifications:

Age: Be at least 18 years old

Education & Experience: Have a minimum of either:

  • 2 years of experience caring for children under 6 years of age or
  • 1 year of experience caring for children under 6 years of age plus 6 hours of training or education in early childhood development. The phrase “experience caring for children” can mean child-rearing as well as paid and unpaid experience caring for children. The term “training” can mean educational workshops and courses in caring for preschool-age children.

Reference: provide to the OCFS the names, addresses and daytime telephone numbers of at least 3 acceptable references, other than relatives. At least one of the references must be able to attest to your character, habits and personal qualifications to become a family child care provider, assistant, or substitute.

Medical Statement: submit a satisfactory medical statement as required.

Background checks: All caregivers and volunteers must pass background checks.

Training: If you are applying to be the provider, you must have completed a health and safety training as required before being approved for that role.

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