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How to reach parents looking for child care

Depending how long you’ve been in the field of child care, you’ve probably seen some dramatic changes in how things are done. Notably, there’s a move away from pen and paper, and a move towards all things digital– digital paperwork, digital communication, digital payments. This move towards digital is true for how today’s parents are looking for child care as well.

How today’s parents search for child care

Today’s parents are comparison shoppers. They will start with a Google search to see what comes up, casting a wide net. If your program isn’t online they won’t find it.

They will compare what they find to see what matches their needs. Convenience, price point, and that ever elusive “fit” are all things they will consider.

They will check publicly available reviews and ratings to see what other people have said about a program. Parents will look for information that is easily accessible. If it’s hard to find, they probably won’t find it.

They might even post to a parent or neighborhood social media group they belong to, to back channel any other knowledge or reviews.

What all of these steps have in common

You’ll notice that all of these activities happen online. Parents are doing their research and initial comparison shopping online.

What this means for you

This means you must have a web presence, and you must have a web presence that gives parents the information they’re looking for. Parents want to ensure what you’re offering is a good fit for their needs.

How Wonderschool can help

Wonderschool has a team of dedicated researchers and designers who have spoken to countless parents to understand their child care search. Our team has designed clean, professional, and beautiful websites for child care providers.


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