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How to offer virtual tours to prospective families

There may be situations where you decide not to offer tours in-person. As an alternative, you may choose to host a virtual tour. Here are some best practices to set up and deliver effective virtual tours for your prospective customers.

Why virtual tours?

The short of it is that ensuring that you have a pipeline of families touring, virtually or otherwise, gives you the very best chance of maintaining a full program. Additionally, with a little practice, a virtual tour might be a good time-saving option for you. A virtual tour can weed out families that aren’t serious, or that aren’t a good fit for your program.

How to implement virtual tours

First, figure out how you want to offer virtual tours. Think about what technology you have (phone type, tablet, computer), and decide what you’re comfortable with. Here are some tools you might consider using:

  • FaceTime (for Apple iOS)
  • Google Duo (for Android iOS)
  • Zoom
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype

Tip: it’s a good idea to have more than one option available for parents.

Second, communicate with the parents. When you receive notice that a parent has booked a tour on your Wonderschool website, reach out to the parents to confirm the tour as virtual, and coordinate how you’ll conduct the tour. Make sure to do this as early as possible to avoid confusion or a parent showing up at your door when you think you’re having a virtual tour.

Next, share any contact or account info needed for the virtual tour. Once you settle on the tool you’ll use for the tour you can make sure to share the username or phone number.

Tip: make sure it’s clear if you’re calling the parent or if the parent is calling you at the scheduled time.

Finally, have a great virtual tour! The first few virtual tours might feel a little awkward, but remember that what’s important is making a connection with the parent and taking the time to get to know them.

General Best Practices:

  • Verify that the parent can do the virtual tour over the platform(s) you have chosen to use. Be very clear with the parent about which platform, and share any account info you need in order to connect on that platform for the tour.
  • If a parent does not have video capability, you can always deliver the tour over the phone if the parent is comfortable with this option.
  • Give the tour the same as you would in person! Take time to introduce yourself and share your passion for working with children. Walk the parent through your space and let them know about your normal day-to-day routine.
  • No matter how you host the tour, make sure you go into depth about your space and your schedule. Also, make sure you have your Wonderschool website pulled up to reference your calendar, pricing, etc.

Tip: Ask your currently or previously enrolled families if they would be willing to be references for you.  Putting happy families in touch with prospective families is a great way to give insight to potential new families.

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