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How To Get Your Connecticut Child Care License In 2022

First and foremost, congrats on this great stage in your child care licensing path!

Starting a child care business in Connecticut is an excellent way to teach children and set your own ceiling for earning potential. Getting licensed to run a home-based program adds quality and safety to your business.

Whether you are a seasoned Connecticut preschool teacher or parent entrepreneur that loves to work we young kids, we understand how perplexing state websites can be.

This guide should help to clarify some of the criteria.

Keep this checklist handy and cross things off as you go.  And make use of our resource collection for more assistance. ✅ 

Minimum Requirements

The Division of Licensing (Connecticut) oversees licensing programs for child care centers, group child care homes, family child care homes, and youth camps if you are interested in other licenses beyond the Family child care homes which are considered small licensing research here.

Family child care homes

Family child care homes are private homes that meet the following criteria:

  • Provide care for up to six children, including the provider's children, who are not in school full-time
  • During the school year, providers may take up to three additional children who are in school full-time
  • If the provider has more than three children in school full-time, all of them are permitted
  • Care is provided for no less than three and no more than twelve hours within a 24-hour period on a regular basis
  • More than twelve hours of care is allowed on an intermittent basis but may not exceed 72 consecutive hours.

Resources and Links

If you have questions, call the licensing office at 1-800-282-6063 or (860) 500-4450

Step 1: Review the CT Application Packet 

Note: All information needed to complete steps below are found in this document

Please take a look at your local licensing surveyor's office. They are there to answer your questions about state specific requirements. 

  • Review the checklist of the required documents and applications in page of the Initial Application for LIcensure packet below
  • Complete the Initial Application for Licensure packet provided here (pgs. 3-8)
  • There are additional pieces you need to get sign off on the subsequent pages of the application.

Step 2: Register for First Aid Certification

 Note: Find approved First Aid Certification classes here 

Find approved CPR certification class here

  • Register for an approved First Aid Class
  • After class is complete, print and make a copy of your certificates, front and back, to submit 

Step 3: Immunizations & Medical Records 

  • Note: Physical examinations and TB tests must have been completed within the past year
  • Note: physical examinations must have been within the past year or up to date with the school's requirements, and immunizations must be up to date

Step 4: Complete Additional Forms 

  • Complete Foster Care or Adoption Verification Form (required if you have ever applied for, held, or currently hold a foster care license in CT or any other state)
  • If you have a well, you must submit a well water test by a state certified laboratory completed within the year.

Step 5: Submit three requests for Reference Forms- 

  • Qualifications: must be completed and signed by individuals
    • No more than one relative
    • Have known you for at least 3 years
  • Reference forms are found on page 15 of the general application

Step 6: Fingerprints and Fingerprint Fee

    • You must submit one fingerprint card (green) for each household member 16 years of age or older and any staff/volunteer who will help you run your child care.
    • To apply for a fingerprint and background check (BCIS), go here and set up an account for digital fingerprinting or go to your local state troops office to get one.
    • If you need a walkthrough of how the BCIS system works, go here
  • Note: fingerprint responses can take at least 90 days. It is beneficial to submit them as early as possible

Step 7: Complete DCF "Authorization for Release of Information"

  • Note: one for each household member 16 years of age and older.
  • The BCIS system account that you set up in Step 6 is where you will fill out the Authorization for Release of Information for all of your household members over the age of 16. 

Step 8: Application Fee Form

  • Complete the Initial Application fee form (pg. 3)
    • Make your check payable to "Treasurer State of Connecticut." This fee is not refundable
    • 40$ application fee

Step 9: Submit your completed application

  • Make copies of EVERYTHING before submitting   
  • Mail this form along with your payment and application to:

Connecticut Office Of Early Childhood

450 Columbus Boulevard

Suite 302, Hartford, CT 06103

  • Once your application is complete, you will be contacted to schedule an inspection of your home. During the inspection, you will discuss the Family Child Care Home Regulations with you, answer any questions you may have, and make sure your home complies with the Regulations. Please read and be familiar with the Regulations before your appointment. 
  • You can access them online at: or call 800-282-6063 to request a copy in the mail. 

If you have questions, call the licensing office at 1-800-282-6063 or (860) 500-4450

Step 10: Pass licensing inspection

  • A  member of the licensing staff will contact you to schedule an inspection.

Step 11: Success!

Pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, and get some rest-- the real work is just beginning!

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