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How To Get Parents Using The Wonderschool App

Child Care Director Resources

11th February 2022

Once you begin using Wonderschool you will want to engage parents with the app. This will help you save time and get important messages to everyone at once. Sometimes getting parents to start using the app as the main space for information, pictures, and invoicing needs a nudge. Here are five tips to help parents get engaged.

Wonderschool is a time saver and will keep parents organized! 

Let parents know they’ll be able to have one centralized app for all things child care. They will no longer have some things come in via email, some text, some various apps, or other systems. You can call it their one-stop-shop for their child care needs.

Inform parents that everything is digitized and saved in a secure location. 

Gone are the days of paper and pencil forms that can get lost and are hard to keep track of. Features like digital check-in check out, digital enrollments forms, messaging and payments can all be done electronically with records saved in the system.

Send a photo in the first week of inviting parents to Wonderschool. It helps create buy-in from parents when they see cute pictures of their child!

Consistency is key! 

Posting at least 3-5 group photos a day (in addition to at least one individual picture for parents) will have parents feeling connected. Parents will begin to view Wonderschool as an important resource to tap into each day. Ideas for group pics: lunchtime, reading, art project, playtime outdoors, and any other activities you are doing.

Personalize messages to increase engagement

Use the name of the parent and child and include a short story or sentence specific to something the child is doing. This makes parents feel like they are there with their child during the day and they will want to stay up to date using Wonderschool so they can view these great updates that you are providing.