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12 Tips On How To Photograph Your Child Care Program

Most successful businesses need online images to drive interest. 78% of online users want photographs to bring a product or service to life before contacting a program. Whether you use photos to update your website, document learning, or share with parents about daily activities, here are some timeless tips. 

1. Show engagement and interactions, not portraits: Parents want to see children interacting with the teacher, peers, or learning materials. A single image of a child's face isn't enough to express what they discover, who they are with, or how they are connecting with others at school.

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2. Have your picture taken: The teachers and directors of a program are an essential part of a program. Being camera shy is understandable, but this may be a time to let yourself shine as a proud business owner and school director. People love to get a sense of your personality and how you connect with children. 

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3. Show the indoor learning spaces: Take clean, simplified pictures of the indoor space that parents can imagine their little one loving. One to two pictures of different angles are all you'll need.

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4. Outdoor shots are key too: Outdoor play is great for children, and many parents like knowing their kids have fresh air time. Even if you don't have an outdoor playspace but go to a local park instead, it's helpful for parents to see all the outdoor settings their child will experience. 

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5. Let the light do the talking: Be mindful of the light. If you are not in a sunny place, use a light-enhancing filter, but avoid unnatural filters. Take this photo for example.  Everything about it is engaging, including the soft light that shines on these two young scientists! 

Little Elm Steam Academy Wonderschool

6. Highlight meal time: Do you serve nutritious meals at your program? Do the kids have a special lunch routine? If you're creating the next generation of healthy foodies you should definitely share it on your website.

For many people, food and mealtime are love and connection. It's more than eating together, it's loving life. Parents love to see how you make mealtime the heart of your program.

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7. Quality over quantity: For your website, six great pictures will give parents all they need to get a feel. If you have more than six excellent ones, make sure they always share a clear aspect of the type of program. For example, this school checks each box.

There is a photo for each aspect: a child outdoors, circle time, art, teacher's expressiveness, classroom, and play! 

Pride and Glory Montessori Wonderschool

8. Document their learning process: How do the children learn when at your program? Are they working on a long-term project? What happens in circle time?

A few simple photos showing how they're making connections, focusing, and learning through play can tell a lot about how their minds are developing. 

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9. Take a child's perspective: A great photographer always gets on the level of the subject. Show families what the program will be like from a child's point of view. This will make the children who are playing more comfortable too. 

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10. Keep it simple: Overly crowded photos can be overwhelming. If you take a group photo, try to step back and capture the overall feeling. Group photos are usually best for special events and celebrations.

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11. Show diversity: Whether different ethnicities, ages, or learning styles, diversity is essential. Don't overlook sharing what your program values—photograph what and who makes your program unique. 

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12. Catch the spirit! A photo like this one gives a feeling of childhood joy. It means a lot for parents to see that kids form fun, loving, and happy memories with their friends. Let fun be the main subject.

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Wonderschool has lots of support for promoting your child care online here. If you want to start a child care, join us today! We can help you with all the tips and mentorship you will need.