Walnut Creek Wonderschool Opening Soon!

Bilingual Mandarin/English in a loving, safe environment!
Opening Soon!


At Walnut Creek Wonderschool, we believe that children should have fun while stimulating their minds. We practice emergent curriculum, shaping our activities and programs based on what the children enjoy and are interested in. Our curriculum is play-based, which we believe is critical to engage the interests of this age group. Instruction will be in Chinese and English.


Join the Walnut Creek Wonderschool community in three easy steps:

1. Explore our website

We’ve provided basic information about our philosophies and offerings to help you decide if our program might be right for your family.

2. Tour the school

Come see (and feel) what makes Walnut Creek Wonderschool unique. Please schedule a tour by filling out the “Schedule a Tour” form. You can also email us at walnutcreek@wonderschool.com or call (925) 948-0577.

3. Apply to enroll

Complete an online admissions application here: http://www.wonderschool.com/walnutcreek/apply


We are located in a sunny townhome in a quiet neighborhood in Walnut Creek. Children will be able to enjoy our backyard with a sandbox and garden. There is also a park nearby.

About Our School

At Walnut Creek Wonderschool, we truly believe that children learn by playing, exploring, and observing, and we are there to provide them with different materials and techniques to spark their creativity. Director Faith incorporates her background in art and music through creative projects using various mediums and textiles. We also emphasize the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle through exercise, fresh food, and cooking together. We incorporate outdoor space for children to play, including a lovely garden where children can explore. In addition to a grassy backyard, there is also a park within walking distance of the school. The personalized nature of our school will make your child feel like it’s a home away from home.

Our Teachers

Faith Ho, Director & Head Teacher

Director Faith Ho was born in Taipei, Taiwan, attended school in England, and moved to California in 2007. She earned her B.A from the University of London in fine art textiles. After her son was born, she became interested in early childhood education. This led to her working in several child care centers in the Bay Area and Walnut Creek. Now, she is finally achieving her dream of owning her own school. She loves art, music (she plays cello and piano), and cooking healthy food. She has enjoyed teaching Chinese to her five-year-old son, and wants to share that with other children.

We are a proud member of the Wonderschool network.

Wonderschool is a group of early childhood programs that combine the quality standards of the best child care centers with the warmth of an in-home program in your neighborhood.

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