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What To Know When Touring Child Care Programs In Durham

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26th November 2021

After finalizing a list of potential daycare programs for a child to attend, a parent needs to consider going on a daycare tour beforehand. Daycares play a crucial role during the early years of a child’s development, which is why it’s important to ensure a program is reliable.

Tours help evaluate a parent and child, giving caregivers a better idea of who they’re potentially caring for while also offering opportunities for parents to determine if the program is suitable for their children. When preparing for a successful tour, there are a few basic steps that everyone can follow.

Ask Questions

A childcare tour is a great opportunity for parents to get a better feel for the environment their child will be visiting. It’s also the perfect time for parents to ask questions about what they’re concerned or curious about. There are plenty of questions a parent can ask, but some practical ones would be: What will children be eating? How often will children be active, or playing outdoors? Will I know what my child does every day?

These questions can open a door of understanding for a parent. They will allow them to form a deeper understanding of the daycare and how well it may suit their child and their needs.

Answer Questions

Parents won’t be the only ones asking questions. Caregivers will also ask questions for the parent to answer, using the answers to evaluate and understand the potential child they will be caring for. Questions that parents may be asked could concern the child, such as if there are any specific needs the child needs to be met, if they’ve been introduced to group activities, how long a child will be attending, their interest and behavior, and parents may also be asked about parent participation.

What to Expect

When visiting or touring a daycare program, parents should expect to answer and ask a handful of questions. However, parents should also expect different situations depending on whether or not they bring their children along.

When attending a childcare tour without a child, parents generally get more free range to personally evaluate the environment while potentially discussing with caregivers about any questions or concerns they have. Parents can fully focus on the task in front of them.

Though, bringing along a child while attending a childcare tour may also be beneficial. This is an opportunity for parents to evaluate how their child interacts with the new environment, as well as how other children and staff interact with the child. Parents can visually interpret how their child interacts or can take this opportunity to introduce their child to a new environment and warm them up to the idea of daycare.

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