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The 6 Best Gift Ideas For Preschool Teachers

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16th December 2021

It’s a wonderful time of the year to celebrate an essential person,– your child’s incredible preschool teacher. Getting gifts for a preschool teacher and child care provider can be confusing. Different teachers have different interests. However, saying thanks can mean the world to the people who support little ones each day. Here are six gift ideas for preschool teachers from $0-$75 that nearly every child provider will enjoy. 

Positive Online Reviews

If your child care provider is the program owner, they will benefit greatly from kind words about their business online. 93% of people use online reviews in making selections. When you take the time to express the value they add to your family’s life, their business ends up benefiting for years to come. Also, with so much sentimental value, this gift can be a great add-on to other gifts.      Cost: $0

Wellness Products

Candles, moisturizers, tea, incense, and the like are excellent gifts for a preschool teacher to relax and unwind during the holiday break. (Note: choose a classic or no scent to be mindful of sensitivities). Bonus points if you can enlist your child to make a sweet care basket out of the products. Cost: $20+

Gift Cards

Teachers can choose for themselves with a gift card but still feel that you have gone out of your way to gift them something special. Plus, many teachers have families of their own and may want to use some of those funds for their loved ones. Cost: $20+


Like a gift card, cash is an excellent way for teachers to treat themselves in time. Cash doesn’t expire and can go to a need or bill that may have come up unexpectedly over the holidays.      Cost: Depends! 

A Professional Massage

Parents know that little ones can do a number on their backs. Imagine what this can feel like for a teacher who does this daily with many children. A professional massage is something they will not forget as they jump into caring for your child in 2022! Cost: $50+

Donate In Their Name

This is an excellent complimentary gift to your child care provider (like an online review.) Many child care providers have causes that are close to their hearts. Hint: the more local the charity gift you can make in their name, the better it shows your greater community what a gem your preschool teacher is to everyone! Cost: $25+ 


Child care providers and preschool teachers can be among the most generous people when it comes to their time, energy, and patience. This season, take the time to let them know that you see all the work they do, and you want to help keep them happy, healthy, and appreciated.

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