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Searching for Childcare in Oklahoma? Here’s How Much it Might Cost

Searching for the right childcare is difficult enough even without considering the price. As a parent, if you’ve been online looking at “affordable childcare near me,” you want to ensure that you can trust those looking after your child and the setting that your child will be in.

So, what could be better than keeping your child in a safe, interactive environment with a vetted childcare professional? Choosing daycare is always a great option when looking for childcare services.

Not only do staff members love looking after your little ones, but they aren’t as expensive as nannies or school programs.

Enrolling a child in daycare is the most affordable childcare option in Oklahoma. Children will also love being in a new and exciting environment surrounded by other kids!

Not only that, but parents can rest assured that there is significantly less risk for mishaps at a daycare than there could be under a nanny’s supervision. What it boils down to is finding the perfect daycare.

That doesn’t just mean finding staff who are good with kids, but a daycare that won’t break the bank. So, let’s dive in.

What Is the Most Affordable Childcare Near Me?

Compared to the average rate of childcare in Oklahoma, settling on the right daycare can be incredibly cost-effective.

Daycare staff members bear a unique skill set that oozes positivity, and their skill sets are certain to keep your child happy, excited, and under control. The right daycare will serve as a type of all-in-one childcare that offers you peace of mind as a parent.

In short, daycare is certainly your best bet for affordable, fun, and safe childcare.

It just boils down to finding the right people for the job! So, be sure to do your research and due diligence. Most daycares are vetted by previous families, which makes the process easier. This means that all you have to do is find a suitable daycare for your child and then you’re good to go!

Average Cost of Childcare in Oklahoma: No Nannies! 

Affordable childcare may seem hard to come by, but this is simply because most parents in Oklahoma exercise typical options without considering the benefits of a daycare.

While nannies offer a personalized touch to childcare, the average cost of hiring a nanny in Oklahoma ranges between minimum wage to $18 an hour for nanny services. A nanny’s rate typically depends on their qualifications, experience, location, responsibilities, and the type of care needed.

Ultimately, hiring a nanny can be much more expensive than seeking a daycare for your child. 


Daycare: Affordable Childcare 

If you are a parent considering what form of child care will best suit your child, your options aren;t limited.

Pursuing a daycare for your child’s childcare needs is incredibly cost-effective. In Oklahoma, the cost of daycare for children per week is as follows: Infants - $144, 4-Year Old - $108, School Age - $62. Compared to the rate of a nanny, daycare is definitely the more affordable option.

The difference when hiring a nanny is that your child will get a more personalized form of childcare, whereas daycares hire staff to manage large quantities of children. This means that your child will be able to socialize early in life and develop new relationships and friendships with their peers.

Ultimately, the best choice for childcare in Oklahoma is daycare! For more information on finding child care in Oklahoma, check out Wonderschool!