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Preschool Teachers In LA Share How To Promote Your Child’s Listening Skills

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2nd January 2022

Listening skills are a balance between what your child hears and what they understand. Good listeners experience better immersion and interaction. Beyond what your child hears, the ability to take in information, respond to instruction, and share ideas and opinions are just as important. Hearing a story and understanding that story is two sides of the same coin. Here are some tips on nurturing not just what your child hears, but how they can listen, and ultimately become strong communicators as they grow up.

Be Patient As You Get Their Attention

If a child is not paying attention right away, be patient. They are thinking about and processing the world around them constantly, from what their senses are picking up, to remembering that show they just watched. Before you start your learning games and exercises, make sure their attention is on you. Emphasize how important it is to keep your speaker in front of you, and if they have trouble with eye contact give them (and you!) time to work through that.

Simon Says Story Chain!

“Simon Says” is a great way to warm up those listening skills. Think of it like mental jumping jacks to warm your little listener up to a game that is just as fun. Story Chain can be played with one or more speakers. The first speaker begins a story: “Once upon a time, there was a frog…” The next speaker adds to the story: “… who wanted to become a chef.” And then the next: “… but all he knew how to cook were fly pies!” The game encourages the players to stay immersive, responsive, and aware of the speakers around them.

Interactive Reading

Listening skills can still be practiced during storytime. If you are starting the book, read the back, and ask your child what they think about the story they are about to read with you. In the middle of a story? See if they can tell you where they left off! Once you are reading, ask engaging questions: “What happens next?” “What do you think she will do?” “You don’t like the bad guy! Can you tell me why?” Ask them to tell you what they thought about the recent story you read when you are done, or ask them the next day what they liked or did not like.

Set an Example

How you listen is important, too! Practice active listening around and with your child. They will be paying attention, so show them what a good listener not only sounds like, but looks like. Ask them questions, let them complete their thoughts and opinions with you, and try not to interrupt as you keep that eye contact strong.

Listening skills can build confident communicators, storytellers, and more! So, practice active listening habits and games daily. Wonderschool’s quality child care in Los Angeles integrates listening skills and exercises every day! We offer a great space for kids to explore, learn, and grow, and even have in-home child care options and payment platforms to fit every parents’ needs.


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