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Child Care Winter Hacks: 6 Indoor Activities for Newport News Families

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Also, the coldest, sometimes the snowiest, and iciest. Okay, so maybe not all snow days are meant to be spent outside. Perhaps because it’s too blustery, or the kids are still tired from the last snowball romp – there could be many reasons. That does not mean you have to stop enjoying a winter wonderland! Here are six indoor activities you and your family can enjoy without going outside.

Hot Cocoa Picnic

Create a cozy space beyond the kitchen or dining room table. Whip up a batch of hot cocoa with your little one. Set out whipped cream and other cocoa fixings you all would enjoy, and don’t forget the snacks! Snuggle up on a big picnic blanket with treats, games, or storytime. Have an open fireplace? Even better, especially if marshmallows are around.

Movie Marathon

Do you reside with the next Jon Favreau or Steven Speilberg? Throw on some winter flicks! Gather all your snacks together while a big pot of chili bubbles away. You can pair each movie with a craft. Watching Elf? Candy spaghetti may be in your future. Is it time for the twelfth viewing of Frozen? Make snowflakes to hang around the house or on the fridge. Afterward, talk to them about the movie to practice honing those listening and recall skills.

Bake Up A Storm

Bust out the cookie molds! Bake up some winter or festive-themed cookies. You are not only making something delicious, you are teaching your little one about measurements and time management, but that can be your secret. Once the cookies have cooled, the decorating can begin!

Cozy Cottage

Have a big cardboard box laying around? Time to build a winter cottage together! You can use crafting supplies from around the house to help your kids deck out their very own winter lodge. Depending on how long that cottage lasts, it can be a great way to sneak them tiny surprises as the holidays approach.

Puppet Show

Time to retire old socks or paper bags? This is another sneaky way to make a lot with just a little. Use any craft supplies you have around the house to make your own ensemble of whacky puppets. After that? Time to put on a show! This activity ticks all the boxes for crafts, interaction, listening, storytelling, and playing.

Make It a Spa Day

Transform your bathroom into your own spa-away-from-home. Who doesn’t love a good pampering? There is something for every little one out there. Whether they just want to feel pretty or relaxed, or both! Creating a warm, quiet environment away from the cold not only relaxes you and your child, but it is also teaching them how important it is sometimes to just slow down and take care of themselves.

While there is always fun to be had outside, sometimes staying in can hit the spot. These are only a few suggestions. Let your imagination run wild or see what your child is feeling up for! Wonderschool knows that sometimes snowy or rainy days can keep kids inside. Our Newport News child care centers have indoor activities and games that encourage creativity and sensory learning, all within a welcoming environment.


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