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Airplane Activities for Toddlers: 5 Tips From Childcare Providers in Santa Fe

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6th December 2021

That time of the year is approaching! This will be the busiest traveling season to date. There will be a lot of new hurdles to overcome and experiences to be had as they go through the airport and board their flight. Here are five tips to help your little one—and you!—enjoy the flight home.

Activity Kit

What are some of your toddler’s favorite activities? For example, if they enjoy coloring, there are plenty of mess-free wondering books and coloring tools that are plane-friendly. Think about your child’s favorite activities and how you can make them accessible and airplane safe before you travel.

The Trusty Tablet

If your child has a show they are enjoying or games they love playing on the tablet, charge their favorite play station to 100% and grab the headphones. There are tons of interactive games out there for kids—yours probably has a few favorites by now—as well as fun shows that engage toddlers’ developing minds.

Bring a Buddy

There are two ways this can go. If your toddler has a favorite stuffed animal, action figures, or dolls – bring them along for the ride! Just make sure you work with your toddler to keep a good hold on them as they travel. If you are worried you or your child may lose track of Rudolph (the somewhat chewed-on reindeer they carry with them everywhere), pick out a new friend with your toddler. This could be their “travel buddy” that will take care of them if their ears start popping or the plane rumbles too much.

Animal Crackers

The old standby! Animal crackers are not just a great snack, but it can be fun to march them around the seat, the window sills, the fold-down trays, you name it. In that same vein, toy soldiers, action figures, or dolls from their favorite shows can help toddlers get a lay of the new land. Marching these snacks or toys around their space can help them get familiar and comfortable with their new surroundings.

Reading Materials, Old and New

We recommend mixing up your child’s reading material with favorites and new material. Magazines made for kids, such as Nat Geo Kids are also a great idea but because they are lighter than books and also include activities.

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