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6 Child Care Tips to Boost Oral Language Skills in Kids in Baltimore

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12th November 2021

Communication is the key to daily life. Having the ability to articulate and communicate efficiently will encourage children to express their thoughts and emotions. Without communication, a child risks being misinterpreted and misunderstood. However, learning oral language skills isn’t as straightforward as speaking sentences.

Learning oral communication takes time and effort, and it takes repetitive motion to develop the skill sets. For parents who are looking to boost their child’s oral language outside of childcare in Baltimore, these are tips a parent can follow to promote oral language proficiency.

Keep Talking

A guaranteed way to boost communication skills is to never stop talking! Having your child narrate their day or having them answer questions about what they see and do can boost their overall communication. By encouraging your child to talk, they will grow more comfortable with natural speech, where they can begin to formulate their thoughts and emotions and apply them to communication.

Much like talking consistently, music is a fun alternative for children to get creative and interactive. Having your child sing along to their favorite song (which we all know is “Baby Shark”!) can initiate smooth-talking the more they interact.

Maintain Eye Contact

While talking with your child, maintaining eye contact, and encouraging them to do the same, will help them gauge their audience’s attention. They can use this knowledge to adjust their language, volume, and organization of their speech. Eye contact will also help them interpret nonverbal cues in communication.

Encourage Reading

Read to your child, and then follow up by having them read themselves. Children are often visual learners, and they will learn from what they read. Reading gives children an opportunity to view intricate sentences, word structure, and difficult vocabulary. Viewing different sentence structures and vocabulary could encourage them to incorporate what they learned in their own conversation.

Day Evaluation

At the end of every day, have your child talk about what happened, what they saw, and what they did. Talking about their day will teach them the correlation between objects, written words, and events in communication. While they describe their day, urge them to think about what they’re going to say before they say it. Encouraging them to form their sentences before speaking can promote smooth articulation—and thinking before they speak.

Follow Their Lead

If your child is interested in a specific object or topic, talk about it. Talking about their interests, asking them questions, and repeating your child’s sentences can boost their communication skills. If a parent is visibly interested in their child’s interests, this will encourage them to share their personal thoughts and opinions.

Oral Skills Are Enhanced with Childcare

In-home childcare or daycare centers are places that encourage education and learning. Being around other children will naturally allow them to form conversations and discussions over their interests, which will promote the growth of their oral language skills.

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