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Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day In Louisiana

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8th February 2022

While you are planning your Valentine’s Day surprises this month, find ways to include the kids. They want to celebrate love as well! Daycares and schools host Valentine’s events all the time—like card exchanges and lollipop deliveries. What if you did the same thing for your kids? You spoil one another, so maybe it is time to celebrate that special love day with your kids, too. If you are wondering what to do in Louisiana for Valentine’s Day with the kids, we have you covered. These are five kid-friendly places in Louisiana where you and your kids can celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

Find the Little Rascals!

The Krewe of Little Rascals in Metairie, Louisiana is the longest-running children’s Mardi Gras krewe. This event gives children a chance to celebrate Mardi Gras their own way. Whether your children want to get involved or enjoy the festivities, there is a parade in your future. There can be anywhere between 14 to 20 floats, including specialty floats for handicapped krewe kids.

Bundle Up for a Nature Walk

Transport the children to a whole new world. Take your kids to the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Sprawled around a massive lake, stone and mirrored sculptures populate this modern garden. Throw an impromptu photoshoot at the “Love” sculpture, then run into the New Orleans Museum of Art to warm up. If you have a little artist in tow, surprise them with a sketchbook so they can draw their favorites.

A Picnic for 2, or 3, or 4!

Head to Cheniere Lake Park for a winter picnic! Pack your (and your child’s) favorite snacks and treats. There may be a chill in the air, but the views across the water and jutting trees are breathtaking. Layer appropriately, and come armed with hot cocoa and warm soup. No matter which iconic Louisiana park you land in, do not forget to snuggle up together under those blankets!

Get Carried Away

A carriage ride is not only fun for couples, but can be a real treat for the whole family. Snuggle up together on one of New Orleans’ carriage tours. A relaxing tour through the French Quarter unveils history and shows off the glowing energy of modern-day streets. Clocking in at one hour, the tour can be shared with other families, or booked for private carriage rides. End your enchanting family trip at a restaurant you all pick together and celebrate the love.

Start Trending

Ready to get your heart broken in the best possible way? Maybe you have heard about it or maybe we are about to blow your mind. The latest dessert craze that is sweeping across Louisiana includes the smashable “pinata” hearts—naturally filled with candy—and hot chocolate bombs. The chocolate bombs melt in a bath of hot chocolate, and the satisfying smash of chocolate delivers candy upon candy. You can also pick up these heart molds and build your own pinatas to fill up and break apart.

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