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Childcare In Las Vegas: 6 Signs of Trustworthy Childcare Giver

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21st October 2021

Childcare is a process that every parent has to go through at some point in their life, and this doesn’t exclude the bustling Las Vegas. As the fastest growing city in Nevada, Las Vegas parents have their options cut out for them when looking for childcare. Trying to find a trustworthy caregiver can be a lengthy process, especially with so many options lining up. To make a parent’s life easier, here are six helpful signs of a trustworthy and reliable caregiver.

Positive Attitude

Children are known to copy the emotions of those around them. For instance, sometimes when a parent is angry, the child will be angry. Children are susceptible to change in tone and attitude, and caregivers need to reflect upon this. Children look up to adults as role models, and when the caregiver portrays positivity, they most likely will too. After all, studies show that children’s sensitivities and development are often shaped by the responses of the primary adults in their life.

Meets The Needs of the Child

Children are growing into their personality, they’re curious and intelligent and each child has their own method of communicating and learning. One child may prefer hands-on activities while the other learns from a distance. Every child’s way of learning and developing is valid, and is unique to themself. Because of this, not every caregiver may be able to meet the needs of a child. This is why it’s crucial to find a caregiver who can do so, because children should never receive compromises with their development.

Safety is a Priority

The occasional tumble and fall in a child are normal, and it often leads to a child learning and growing rather than being an issue. However, a caregiver will take the initiative to systematically ensure a child’s safety. The caregiver watches the children when they are playing, they make sure the child isn’t alone, and if the child is being driven then they ensure safety while in the vehicle. These actions will keep a child healthy, and a trustworthy caregiver will be more than willing to guarantee their commitment to safety.

The Environment is Playful But Clean

Whether it be covered in paint from enhancing their creativity or covered in mud from developing their motor skills, children learn from getting a little messy. These events will happen, and they should be encouraged (within reason of course)! However, the environment in which a child is learning should remain clean and neat. If they come home a little messy, it’s understandable! As long as the child is healthy and reasonably clean! A reliable caregiver will keep the center clean and tidy, while also promising a child’s health and overall cleanliness.

Communicates Regularly

Communication is key when finding a trustworthy caregiver. Parents should know what activities their child is engaging with and if any incidents occur. Some caregivers may communicate via an app while others use notes at pick-up time or emails. Communication also allows the caregiver to properly follow the instructions left by the parent and if there is any confusion or problem, they will communicate to solve the issue. Without communication, there are bound to be complications.

A Bond Is Forming (After The Transition Period)

An important aspect to look for in time is that the child seems like they are bonding to their caregiver after their transition period! The transition period is the time when the child is starting a new program and is still getting used to and understanding their surroundings. This period is not always easy for the child, they may not be used to being without their parents or in a new environment. It can take a few days to overcome for some children or a few weeks for others. A trustworthy caregiver will be encouraging and patient during this period. A good sign that a bond between the child and caregiver is being formed, is that after the transition period, a child will begin to show their comfortability, and hopefully a healthy attachment, with their caregiver.

Wonderschool Can Provide Trustworthy Caregivers

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