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Where Infants In North Dakota Can Experience Nature

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2nd February 2022

Nature plays a pivotal role in how our children grow and learn. Outdoor hiking trails, camps, zoos, and gardens—they all influence small minds to dream big. When children get exposed to their natural environment, it opens up the door to the rest of the world. What could lie beyond this garden? What other creatures are out there? It is the first big step in finding where they fit in this great, beautiful world. Sometimes the best child care is getting down in the dirt and learning about their world. Here are four ways to introduce your infant to their surrounding North Dakota nature.

Head to the Zoo

For children learning or absolutely obsessed with animals, the zoo is the perfect stop. Learn about new critters or ask them to identify their favorites. This makes for a great recall activity. The expansive Dakota Zoo has hundreds of animals to marvel at, and a train ride through the park is exciting for the kids as well. The Red River Zoo is more hands on, with a Children’s Zoo Farm available for petting and feeding. The Roosevelt Zoo has exhibits from all angles so children can always catch a glimpse of their favorites.

Jump in the Snow

The Bottineau Winter Park is fantastic for introducing children to fun, outdoor winter activities. Showing them how their world changes with the seasons and getting to sled? It’s a win-win! The tube runs are exciting for children—both young and old—and there is always hot cocoa at the bottom of the hill. Use this time to introduce younger children to snow, icicles, and the different shaped trees and hills surrounding them. They are also learning how fast those tubes go over the snow while shooting down the hill together!

Head to Teddy’s Backyard

Visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park promises adventure and activities for the family. The scenic backdrops offer a jaw-dropping display of nature at her finest. The park loves spoiling kids with cheap or free activities everyone can enjoy. Hike the Badlands, canoe the Little Missouri River, or go horseback riding to take in all its splendor. Wildlife like prairie dogs, mule deer, bighorn sheep, elk, deer, and buffalo can also be spotted in colder and warmer months. The park offers events, tours, and activities for families of all ages and sizes. Keep your eye on their event page for thrilling adventures and opportunities to introduce your child to North Dakota nature.

Get Lost in the Frontier

One of the best things to do in North Dakota with the kids is to check out Frontier Village. Kids will be in awe of the world’s largest buffalo statue. Then, they can go into the museum about the great frontier. Inside the museum is a world of artifacts, fossils, and video presentations about the area. This is a clever way of sneaking some history into your natural world explorations. They learn about the history of their wilderness, and how people like their ancestors had to live on that land. Surprise them at the end with a peek at one of the few genuine albino buffalos in the world.

Getting in touch with their natural surroundings is a child’s way of connecting with the rest of the world. The way you value their experiences is the same way we value your child care services. Wonderschool wants to make sure you are also connected to quality child care. Our team and search portal can get you in touch with North Dakota child care assistance today. If you are looking for North Dakota child care, contact us to start your new adventure.