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Why you should offer an online tour booking system

Does this sound familiar:

  • Parent: “I’d like to come tour.”
  • Provider: “Ok, when can you come?”
  • Parent: “Does Thursday at 5 work?”
  • Provider: “Unfortunately no, sorry, what about Friday?”
  • Parent: “Hm… what about next week?”

And on and on. We’ve all done the scheduling back-and-forth for any number of reasons (making plans with friends, scheduling meetings, making appointments, etc.), and it gets old pretty quickly! Especially if the other person is not focused on their phone, and instead focused on the task at hand. Which, in child care, means several tiny human tornadoes who require constant supervision.

Online tour booking

What if, instead of the back-and-forth, your interested parents and potential customers could see what availability you have for offering tours and book it directly? Would that feel like magic? This is just one of many ways to modernize your child care program with Wonderschool.

How it works

Decide what blocks of time are available for tours. You can vary them each week based on your schedule, or keep them consistent. You can also choose if you want group tours or private tours.

Then, when a busy family visits your clean, professional website built with Wonderschool, they can see what times are available for booking a tour. They compare your calendar with their calendar, and voila! Tour booked!

When you get a tour confirmation you can reach out to say hello and focus on getting to know the family and what they’re looking for, rather than the logistics of scheduling. How smooth and seamless!

Add online tour booking with Wonderschool today.


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