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Why you should be offering electronic payments to your parents

Are your parents still bringing you a physical check every month? Has that started to feel outdated and cumbersome? As more and more things move to the digital realm, child care payments should be one of them. Make it easy for your parents to pay you automatically and on-time with Wonderschool’s electronic payment processing.

Why electronic payments

Electronic payments are reliable. When a parent pays through the Wonderschool platform, they are charged on the same day every month.

Electronic payments are flexible. The Wonderschool payments platform allows parents to set up their account with their chosen payment method. A parent can choose to pay by ACH (bank transfer) or credit card.

Electronic payments are easy. You don’t need to keep track of paper checks. All of your transactions are available in your Wonderschool dashboard. Easily track your business revenue to make informed decisions about the success and sustainability of your program.

Parents want electronic payments. Any time you can help simply life for a parent with young children, it’s a win for both you and them. Your families are likely already paying the majority of their bills electronically, and will be thrilled to have this option for childcare, too.

Start processing electronic payments with Wonderschool today.


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