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Why Auto Billing For A Child Care Business Is A Must

Missed payments and late payments are a drag.

Just one can lead to an awkward conversation or, even worse, a crippling loss for your child care business.

Many of the providers on our platform thrive when switching from checks to Wonderschool auto payment/billing for tuition.

However, you may still have resistance and questions. 

We sat down with Luis Bocangel, our onboarding specialist, to go over your most asked questions. He dispels the top myths about auto billing and opens up about how his own mother, a Wonderschool child care director, uses Wonderschool auto billing too. 

Why do you think switching from checks to auto billing is a good idea?


Switching from cash or checks to auto billing helps others see that your program is a small business.

There is a reason why big companies don't use checks. It's a declining trend and I can see why.

"Auto billing saves you a trip to the bank, you no longer have to remind parents to pay on time and it provides you with an easy way to track your income and provide parents with an invoice ultimately making it easy to file your taxes at the end of the year."

What are the biggest questions you get from providers scared to switch?

I get asked if switching to auto billing will make payments reported to a government agency or licensing office? The answer is NO.

We don't report any of your income to anyone because we are simply providing you with a platform to process your payments easily.

How long is the onboarding process to switch from checks to auto billing?

No more than 30 minutes!

What's your favorite part about your job?

I really enjoy helping providers, I believe that helping providers automate admin processes within their business’ ultimately increases the quality of service their students get because the providers can spend more time on improving the work they do with their children.

Does your mom use auto billing?

Yes! She has from the very beginning! She loves that he never has to worry about getting paid on time!

This has helped her grow because she spends time teaching the kids and expanding her program instead of tracking payment. 

"It gives a better repoire between the parents and her too because we handle the payment communication."

Mi Casita De Noe Valley Directed By Cynthia Olmeda, aka Luis's mom

How does Wonderschool ensure security of payments?

We use a processing company called Stripe that has an excellent security rating and is trusted by other large companies that process payments online!

Are there any costs to switching from checks to auto billing?

NO! If a parent uses their bank routing and account numbers this service is free to both parents and providers.

What do you think parents like about autopay?

Parents think it is much more convenient to pay the same day every month without having to lift a finger or remember to bring a check to their provider.

This also helps them keep track of how much they are spending on childcare!

Have more questions about child care auto billing and payments? Book a free consultation here. Luis and our team are ready to help you make the change that makes your child care business billing better.