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Transitioning back into care: Covid-19

States are beginning to reopen after major closures due to Covid-19. There is variance in approach, but one consistent piece is applicable across all states, regions, and communities – regardless of location, many children will be returning to care over the next several months, and it may take some time and some thoughtfulness to help ensure a smooth transition back.

Thinking through your plan to re-acclimate children, parents, your staff, and yourself is an important component of providing a smooth experience for everyone involved – and for ensuring the best health of everyone to the very best of your ability. Once you’ve had a chance to think through the different elements of the transition back to care, we recommend communicating them out to your families. Strong communication is a critical piece in your effort to help everyone come back safely. In general, plan to over communicate for now.

The following article series will walk you through the most important elements of planning your program’s re-opening. Consider each element as a best practice, culminating in an overall approach to communicating with your families and setting expectations within your program.

Transitioning back into care

Welcoming children and parents back after Covid-19 closures

How to think about drop off and pickup with Covid-19

Covid-19 and your illness policy

How to implement social distancing in your child care program

Setting expectations with staff as you return from Covid-19 closures

Pro Tip! Include a brief summary of each of the above sections in your written messaging to parents. This will show your parents that you’re prepared and are stepping up to continue to offer guidance and partnership during this still-challenging and uncertain time.

Thinking through these pieces will give parents a great deal of assurance that you’re working hard on a smooth reopening process, and the more confident parents feel, the more relaxed their children will also feel. Keep us posted on how things are going, and remember to reach out any time for the support of the Wonderschool Community.



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