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Simplify your child care business with automated payments

Are you still chasing your parents for payments every month? Is it the same routine, where you know they don’t do it on purpose, it just takes a few reminders for them to bring in a check?

No matter how empathetic and understanding you want to be, you have a small business to run and bills to pay. You can’t be spending time every month chasing after your parents. Modernize the way you run your child care program with automated payments.

Why automated payments

Automated payments take the human error out of it. Even if the human error is simply forgetfulness, automated payments take the need to remember out of the process.

Automated payments are flexible. The Wonderschool platform allows families enrolled in your program to pay by ACH or credit card. Let your parents choose what method works best for them.

Automated payments provide transparency. Your parents will be charged at the same time every month, and the Wonderschool dashboard makes it easy to track the progress of the money from your customer’s account into your account. No more chasing and no more guesswork.

Parents want automated payments. Much like it’s a hassle for you to chase down payments in person, it’s a hassle for parents to remember to write a check each week or month. They most likely already pay many of their bills electronically, and will be thrilled when they find out you’re making this option available to them for childcare, too.

You work very hard and you deserve to get paid on time every month.

Join Wonderschool and start processing your payments safely, and automatically.


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