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How We Help Educators Ensure They Have Sustainable Programs & Earn Their Value

One of the major challenges for educators who start their own home-based program is creating a program that’s financially sustainable.

The truth is, talented and experienced educators are consistently and significantly underpricing their programs. In fact, when we started Wonderschool, our initial research showed us that a third of all family child care programs in California were either inactive or had been canceled.

This is often because educators are passionate about caring for children and achieving their dream but may not have the confidence to make business decisions or know what to charge as tuition.

You can build a financially sustainable and profitable in-home child care or preschool business and earn your value.

You don’t have to start off pricing low because you think that’s the only way to attract families. You don’t have to price yourself to be competitive with nearby child care centers who don’t provide the same quality and value your program does.

Our mission at Wonderschool is to provide access to quality early education to every child in the world. To do this, we work with providers to find a price point that’s right for their community but will also ensure they have the financial means to continue to offer their program to their community in the long-term.

I already have an existing program – How can you help me?

If you already have a program set up, we start out by doing a deep dive business analysis. We look at how you currently structure your program and pricing and what changes you can make to reach your goals.

If you have established your program but aren’t sure how to grow it, we can help with that. For example, you may want to hire assistants but can’t afford to bring on quality applicants for the role.

We’ll honor the families you already have while also working with you to price yourself at the market rate in your area and meet your program goals.

Here’s a video we made explaining how we help educators earn their value:

I want to open a new program – How can you help me?

We work with new providers to open their own in-home preschool or child care program through business consulting, marketing assistance, mentorship, and more.

We analyze your unique situation and business goals and use a variety of factors to develop custom pricing recommendations for your program. For example, amongst other factors, we look at:

  • Your experience
  • The area you live in
  • The ages of the children you want to care for

We provide sample business models so you can see your expected costs and earnings over the course of the next few years.

You make the final calls

At the end of the day, you make the final decisions. You make the final calls on curriculum, learning environment, the ages of children you’ll be providing for, which families you enroll, any discounts you offer, and tuition rates.

Our goal is to provide you tools and support for you to make business decisions and be successful.

Learn more on our partner FAQs

If you’re ready to earn your worth while continuing to pursue what you love, we’d love to talk with you. Sign up to chat with me or someone else from our team on our Partners page, or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


Rebecca is Wonderschool's Head of Partnerships. After focusing her career on healthcare, Rebecca joined Wonderschool, as she believes the biggest impact on one’s health is education and a strong early start. Rebecca has a BA & BS from UC Berkeley, an MBA from the Haas School of Business, and an MPH from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.