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Managing social media accounts as a child care business owner

Managing your social media accounts is an important part of running your business.  A well-run social media presence can expand your access to potential parents, inspire your friends and clients to make word of mouth referrals on your behalf, and reach audiences you might not even realize are looking for care. It can also turn people off to the services you provide, or deter new business, and recognizing pitfalls to avoid is important.

First things first – create your accounts

Creating a personal account or a business account can be done at the login page of most social media sites. Many have a corresponding app you can download to your phone as well. Choose whether your posts will be public or private, but always consider anything you post online to be viewable by anyone, anywhere, any time.

If you need to create a business account, use the name of your school in the account name and keep it pretty intuitive so people don’t have to search too hard for your program.

  • To set up a business account on Facebook, follow this link to Create a Page and click the option for Local Business
  • To set up a business account on Instagram, follow this link and utilize the instructions to enable Business Account settings
  • To set up a business account on Twitter, use this guide
  • To set up an account on Nextdoor, follow this link and connect with your neighbors/local community

Next step – get posting!

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Do you already have a personal or business account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media account? Great!

  • Post once a day or once a week, but keep all posts professional
  • Share events, open houses, enrollment openings, and day-to-day happenings. Examples below!
  • Invite parents, prospective parents, friends, family to “like” or “follow” your account to build up a good audience base
  • “Like” or “follow” other Wonderschool accounts, and invite them to follow your account as well

When posting, keep in mind the fact that anything you share will be seen by people who can potentially refer new business to you – or potentially *not* refer to you, if they aren’t connecting well with your posts.

This means being aware of how anything you post – personally or professionally – could potentially be perceived – even by your friends and family!

We have heard feedback before about people posting frequently during the day (hmm, are they supposed to be on Facebook, or working with children? How focused can they be on the children in their care if they’re constantly checking in and commenting?), posting detailed information about their own challenges as a parent (hmm, are they skilled enough to be caring or multiple children?), or posting information that could be considered distasteful (hmm, I definitely don’t want my children exposed to that and I won’t be referring my friends there either!).

Let’s take a step back for a moment and consider this. Is it fair? Not necessarily – but when you share intimate details about your life and your work online, it enables people to make assumptions and judgments which can be positive or negative.

Posts that Include Children

  • If you have a photo/media release on file for the children in your care, you can post pictures and updates of projects and learning activities at your school
  • Be sure to keep all posts objective in nature, and omit anything that could be considered confidential information

When it comes to managing both personal and professional accounts, you will want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Is the information I am sharing relevant?
  • If sharing an event or upcoming opening, am I sharing pertinent details?
  • Am I maintaining confidentially when necessary?
  • Am I making frequent posts when I am supposed to be caring for children?
  • Am I representing my business, myself, and Wonderschool in a positive and professional manner?

Many people set up an account set up specifically related to their business, some use their personal accounts, and some use both. In all cases, think about the intended audience for your posts and if the message you are sharing is likely to promote the results you are aiming for.

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