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Financial support for child care programs during COVID-19

Update: Did you know that there are still funds available for childcare providers to help mitigate financial interruptions during Covid-19? Check out this easy-to-follow guide from Homegrown Childcare to help you navigate the process. If you’ve already applied, but were denied, you should APPLY AGAIN. 

Update: As of April 23, 2020, Congress has approved another PPP financial package to help small business owners. We believe funding again run out, and encourage you to apply quickly if you have not already. Find an eligible bank here and read below for more detailed information.

COVID-19 and the necessary stay at home/shelter in place orders across the country have resulted in devastating impacts within the childcare industry, both for families (many of whom have lost jobs) and for child care programs (many of whom have lost some or all of their families).

As a provider, you may be wondering what to do if your revenue has been impacted because of the pandemic. There are several different options available to you through the CARES act, a stimulus package designed to help offset losses caused by COVID-19.

If you have lost all of your revenue you are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits. Each state has their own process for distributing unemployment benefits, so you will need to apply through your own state’s system and follow their processes. To find the website, go to Google and search for “unemployment benefits [your state’s name].”

If you have had to furlough or layoff your teaching staff, they are also eligible for unemployment benefits and should apply.

As a small business owner you are also eligible to apply for two different loan programs sponsored by the Small Business Association (SBA):

Both loans may be forgivable, but we have heard that the application process is not always clear and some banks may be struggling to get things started. Even so, it is our recommendation that you apply for one or both (you would apply for both if you have staff on payroll).

Tom Copeland has recently hosted a training session on these loan options – check out his blog post here, which includes a recording of the webinar and powerpoint presentation.

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