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Child care licensing: Why compliance means more than basic health & safety

At Wonderschool, we’re incredibly proud to partner with talented, committed program directors who provide high-quality early education in their communities.


All license-eligible programs must operate within their state’s regulations for family child care homes. Every adult living or working in the home must be background checked. If a program is found to be in violation of their state’s regulations, they may lose access to the Wonderschool marketplace.

Why is this important?

This principle goes beyond the obvious reasons of ensuring safe and healthy environments for children and families, and beyond the fact that these regulations are required. Parents coming to Wonderschool to find childcare expect high quality programs for their children, and compliance with licensing is an indicator of a provider’s commitment to ensuring high quality care.

DID YOU KNOW? You are a representative of Wonderschool, and you put your promise of providing safe and quality care into action for the children and families in your program each and every day. When families come to Wonderschool, they are entrusting us to help them find the best care options for their children – and in turn, we are trusting you to provide the very best care!

It is our expectation that you operate within the licensing guidelines of your state at all times – and Wonderschool parents expect the same thing.

Use of the Wonderschool platform for managing program operations can help prevent minor administrative violations, so any program who has previously struggled to keep the right paperwork on hand should see these types of issues decrease through their participation with Wonderschool.

Ratio or capacity violations, failure to complete background checks on staff or family members, and repeated or substantiated complaints, on the other hand, are all serious issues that are not reflective of a high quality early learning environment.

It’s always better to ask for help if you’re struggling with something, so reach out to the Wonderschool Community when you need a sub, have a new teacher starting and aren’t sure how to transfer a background clearance, or are wondering if you can enroll an extra infant just for a short period of time, until another child turns two (spoiler alert: you can’t). Let us help!

DID YOU KNOW? When your liability insurance comes up for renewal, your insurance broker may review your licensing history from the past year. For serious violations or complaints, your broker may decline to continue your insurance coverage, leaving you at risk. Don’t let this happen to you!

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