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4 benefits of family child care and how to explain them to parents

You may not have gotten into the family child care space because you wanted to be a salesperson, but here we are! As the owner, director, and head teacher, you are also the sales team, and the tour is your sales pitch.

Benefits you can highlight in your tours:

Small group size

As compared to a large center which might have anywhere from 18 to 30 children in a classroom, family child care offers small group sizes and more individualized attention. Research shows that small group sizes have a positive impact on child development, including increasing educational effectiveness, increasing one-on-one interactions, and improving safety.

Mixed-age groups

Parents sometimes worry about their child being the oldest or the youngest. However, a mixed age environment allows benefits to all children. Younger children have older children as role models, and are able to do things they might not independently. Older children develop leadership skills and empathy. All children are able to develop confidence and motivation.

Continuity of care

Large centers (and later K-12 education) often means a new teacher every year. Because family child care often serves a mix of ages, children are able to stay with the same caregivers for longer. This leads to deeper family relationships, deeper learning, and smoother developmental progress.

Kindergarten readiness

Most parents want to know, but will my child be ready for kindergarten? And the answer is overwhelmingly yes. A small, mixed-age environment that is full of opportunities for open-ended play, reading, singing, and movement will prepare your child for kindergarten.

Speaking to parents

Some parents who come tour your program may already know that an in-home setting is what they’re looking for, and some may not. While it’s not a competition and you don’t need to convince parents that family child care is objectively better, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to speak to the many benefits of a family child care program. Ultimately, parents want to find the best fit for their family and you want to find the best fit for your program.

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