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How To Make More Money With Wonderschool and Bright Horizons Back Up Care

Child care businesses often need to scale and evolve for greater sustainability.

But sometimes, traditional ways of filling enrollment aren’t enough. However, a new way to increase enrollments is here. Wonderschool has partnered with Bright Horizons to offer back up care partnerships for parents seeking short-term or off-hour child care. Back up child care is an excellent way to increase revenue streams for child care businesses that need to fill first enrollments or gradually expand paid services.

What is Back Up Care?

Sometimes parents need emergency back up care due to school closures, schedule changes, or other unforeseen circumstances. Through the Wonderschool and Bright Horizon partnership, parents can find short-term care options for when their regular program enrollments are unavailable. For Wonderschool directors, these short-term bookings can evolve into repeat reservations or even full-time enrollments!

9 Reasons Why Back Up Care Is Good For Business & Community

As all child care business owners know, growth matters. Great businesses seize multiple opportunities when it makes sense to do so.  

  1. The demand is there! Providers who have added on back up care access steadily growing requests for daily drop-ins. 
  2. Providers will receive automatic payment for every daily slot filled. They do not have to wait for or negotiate payment.  
  3. Daily slots add up. Filling just two slots a month can increase your annual earnings substantially. 
  4. A larger child care-seeking community discovers your program. 
  5. Web presence increases, more families are likely to refer your child care to friends.
  6. Programs can gradually scale revenue which can be easier for operations and staff.
  7. Both Bright Horizons & Wonderschool will guide the back up enrollment and insurance process so you won’t have to.
  8. Child care programs gain a quality partner with another leading child care organization.
  9. Providers customize their schedule of increased care based on when needs are highest. 

By signing up for back care, your business gains another way to succeed and a child another chance to experience quality care within their community.

For more information and webinars on how to add Wonderschool + Bright Horizons back up care to your revenue stream, click here.


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