Little Artisans Schoolhouse Openings Now!

A Reggio-inspired early school for children in Los Angeles
Openings Now!


Little Artisans Schoolhouse is a progressive early school for children located in a charming and dedicated single family home in the historic neighborhood of North Alhambra bordering South Pasadena. At Little Artisans schoolhouse, social-emotional-physical-intellectual development for each child is our priority. LAS is designed to support, nurture, and enhance all areas of children’s development - the “whole child”. We believe a balance between play and project based learning is vital to support the whole child. All children are regarded as individuals of equal worth and valued at their own developmental level. Each child brings with them a unique mixture of family background, life experience, learning style and way of thinking. Your child’s day will be filled with many fun activities that will stimulate him/her not only socially but also intellectually, emotionally and physically as well. Through play, your child will learn the importance of cooperation and sharing. They will learn how to understand their feelings, gain self-confidence, respect for others and themselves; All those things that stay with them for a lifetime.


Join the Little Artisans Schoolhouse community in three easy steps:

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We’ve provided basic information about our philosophies and offerings to help you decide if our program might be right for your family.

Tour the school

Come see (and feel) what makes Little Artisans Schoolhouse unique. Please schedule a tour by filling out the “Find Out More” form. You can also email us at or call 323-682-0655.

Apply to enroll

Complete an online Admissions Application by going here


Little Artisans Schoolhouse is located in a single family home in the historic neighborhood of North Alhambra bordering South Pasadena. Children are offered a multitude of materials to work and play with. Our lovely garden and backyard is designed for children to connect with nature so that they can enjoy all its offerings. The common room is the focal point for reading, writing, conversation, music and rest. The backyard is filled with a variety of inter-active and creative areas for children to have fun while they learn. Organic foods and healthy living are extremely important to all of us here at Little Artisans Schoolhouse.

About Our School

Our curriculum is inspired by the philosophy of Reggio- Emilia. We spend much of our day outside and play and learn in nature through art and exploration. Children will be engaging in outdoor activities such as sensory tables, arts & crafts, nature and planting for several hours everyday, if weather permits. We have a large beautiful backyard filled with rich educational materials, toys, and plants. We also have a wonderful park with a fun playground next door to our home.

We believe in using positivity and praise to foster healthy behaviors and a healthy learning environment. Our primary goals include teaching children self-control and respect for themselves and others. We also believe in applying constructive techniques such as redirection, model conflict resolution with peers and teaching children to resolve conflicts on their own in an appropriate manner, if/when issues arise.

Our Teachers

Sophia Blondell


Sophia received her BS from Cal Poly Pomona in Communications. After a successful career in Fashion Sales and Product Development for more than twenty years, she has finally realized her lifetime dream of owning a preschool where she can teach and inspire children. She has worked extensively with children throughout her life. Sophia is excited to share her love of fashion, creative arts, imagination, nature and healthy living with hopes of inspiring children to explore, dream and create without limits.

We are a proud member of the Wonderschool network.

Wonderschool is a group of early childhood programs that combine the quality standards of the best child care centers with the warmth of an in-home program in your neighborhood.

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