Partnering with bright Horizons

Wonderschool is proud to partner with Bright Horizons to provide extra support and help fill open spots in your existing program.

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Wonderschool Partners with Bright Horizons

Interested in filling open spots in your program? Looking for additional opportunities to supplement your program revenue? Take advantage of Wonderschool’s partnership with Bright Horizons!

What is Bright Horizons?

Bright Horizons is a child care organization dedicated to helping families in need of backup care find child care programs in their neighborhood that have availability. Wonderschool programs that join Bright Horizons will be added to their program list for parent referrals. We are always looking for ways to highlight Wonderschool programs and connect them to more parents who need child care. Join many other Wonderschool directors who have already joined Bright Horizons today!

What is backup child care?

Backup care is scheduled in response to an emergency, unexpected event, or any situation where a family’s regular child care solution is temporarily unavailable. There are many situations when a family’s regular child care arrangement breaks down - caregiver illness, vacations, center closures, etc. Sometimes the care is needed for one day or several days. For many Wonderschool directors, these backup care, and short-term enrollments can become more consistent, repeat reservations, or even turn into a full-time enrollment!

Can I get more information?

Check out our Bright Horizons FAQ document here!
Or, hear from a Wonderschool director who is currently part of Bright Horizons about the benefits she has seen being a part of their program!

How do I join?

Complete the below sign-up form, and our team will get in touch with you with the next steps (Note: To be added to Bright Horizons, providers must be licensed programs with at least two adults present in the program).

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