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A bilingual, Montessori-inspired school **Moving to a new location November 1**
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At Little Me Preschool, we aim to provide students with a nurturing environment where they are free to explore and learn about themselves through their environment. Our program is heavily influenced by Montessori principles, as we emphasize the education of our students through the five senses. Our students don’t learn through just listening and observing, they experience their environment using all of their senses. Our students learn at their own, individual pace and according to their own choice of activities. Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning. Fostering the love of learning is our ultimate goal at Little Me.

Beyond our Montessori influences, it is our belief that every child wants to learn, but to do so they must securely attached to their caregiver. As such, secure attachment style teaching is at the forefront of our teaching style. We promote a positive environment by way of positive descriptive language, positive reinforcement, small teacher to student ratios, and by nurturing all aspects of the child. We educate our students in a holistic manner, meaning we focus on the child as a whole. We nourish their bodies with organic meals and snacks, we encourage all types of learning styles, and we ensure that students have access to materials that suit their interests. By learning through exploration of the environment, students become equipped to navigate the world in a confident, happy, and healthy way.


**Currently enrolling for children 24+ months, full for children under 24 months**

Join the Little Me community in four easy steps:

1. Explore our website

We’ve provided information about our philosophies and offerings to help you decide if our program may be right for your family.

2. Tour the school

Come see what makes Little Me unique. Please schedule a tour by filling out the “Schedule Tour” form.

3. Submit an Enrollment Application

If you would like to enroll, please submit an application at – Please note that we require tours for all prospective families. Do not submit an application if you have not toured.

4. Enroll

After reviewing your application, we’ll send an enrollment invitation. Upon accepting your invitation, you’ll pay your deposit (usually equal to one month’s tuition), fill out enrollment documents and review our Parent Handbook.


About Our School

At Little Me, we educate the whole child by approaching education through the lens of the child. We aim to enable students to help themselves to the best of their ability by ensuring their environment promotes confidence and independence. A supportive environment will promote a strong sense of security in children. From this, students are educated, encouraged, and empowered. These are some of the ways Little Me separates itself from other preschools

Enrichment Lessons

At Little Me, it is imperative that students learn different skills that enrich their life. For this reason, every week, students partake in Spanish Language Skills, Gardening, Cooking Lessons, and Specific Art Lessons outside of their daily engagement in art.

Fostering Freedom

Students have the ability to choose when they eat. Rather than forcing students to eat at a certain time, Miss Taylor allows students to listen to their own bodies and make decisions about when they should eat. Traditionally, students are forced to eat at a specific time of day, but this method is not the healthiest, as students aren’t eating when they are hungry, but rather when their teacher decides it’s time to eat. Our daily schedule has guidelines about the times to eat and rest, but these are flexible. The teacher will work with students to come up with a schedule that works best for the individual students. To help facilitate this freedom of choice, there is a mini fridge and shelf available to students, so they may choose when they eat their snack. Students, under supervision of teacher, are allowed to get water and snack at their leisure. Beyond simply catering to eating preferences, Miss Taylor is able to design a curriculum that engages all students, so that students are always interested in learning.

Green Living

Living in a healthy environment is so incredibly important in today’s age, where pollution and toxins are around us all the time. In an effort to reduce this, I have tried to create an environment where these things are limited. We only drink from glass or stainless steel containers, so as to avoid bps (a toxin present in bpa-free plastic ). We limit the use of plastic toys by purchasing wooden, non-electronic toys. Finally, we try to enjoy outdoor time as much as possible by venturing outdoors for at least two hours a day. We ventilate the space by opening windows, so that kids are constantly receiving fresh air.

Our Teachers

Taylor Rankins

Head Teacher and Director

In addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and Theatre Arts from Mount Holyoke College, Taylor holds a Master of Arts degree in Urban Education with a focus on Policy and Administration from Loyola Marymount University. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Johns Hopkins University. She also has a Site Supervisor Permit, which she attained while working on her CA state credentialing courses. The past two years, she served as lead teacher at an early education school in the San Francisco Unified School District. Taylor has worked with young children since enrolling in high school. Her own love of children and learning is what inspired her to pursue Early Childhood Education as a career. Beyond her years in the classroom, her experience with being a mother has pushed her to open up her own classroom in her home. By transforming her home into a classroom, she provides a superb environment conducive to quality exploration and learning.

We are a proud member of the Wonderschool network.

Wonderschool is a group of early childhood programs that combine the quality standards of the best child care centers with the warmth of an in-home program in your neighborhood.

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